Toadstool Reggae PG Furry Hangout / Dance Club

EDIT: This place has “Moved / Closed” to:
The ground build is gone. Haven’t made a new one in the new location. Its not “billed” as a club now. Just a personal build I enjoy.

OMG ultra short post. 🙂
My “reggae club” has been repurposed and moved.

“Cozy, hippie, roots reggae club for furry friends and those who enjoy their company. Come to dance, play, chat, or just hangout with others. Rasta loving & all inclusive.”

I’ve moved to PG land, and will now be theming specifically for furries. After the Thanksgiving weekend I might be looking for DJs who are willing to work for tips, and maybe also branching the music out to other genres -not- usually found in furry clubs (trying to fill open niches not compete in existing ones).
And media room:

Here’s the grounds around the club:
Outside the Toadstool Media Room.
Outdoor Hangout Hill for the Toadstool Reggae Club.

And here is the club itself:

You land here:
Toadstool Reggae Club Landing Area.
And can then head on in to the dance floor:
Toadstool Reggae Club Dance Floor

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