Second Life on the cheap – getting kitted out for as little as possible.

People often say “I can’t afford to buy an ‘X’ – its too expensive for me right now.

Most ‘X’s in Second Life are frankly seriously cheap when looked at in terms of their real life monetary costs. About the most expensive thing a user buys is a good skin. They go up to maybe 1000L before you can say the seller is just exploiting people.

1000L? OM-gosh that’s expensive you might say. But that’s about $3.80US. You can afford that, or you wouldn’t be able to afford being in SL. I spent more than that on my latte on the way home from church today…

So here’s about the budget to be a fully tricked out SL user, on the low end, smartly planned:

300-1000L: skin (the second best skin I’ve ever bought cost 300L for a male ‘fashion alt’ I set up to model male clothes once I get there – and caused me to go back and buy some female skins from the same maker for an alt. The best skin I ever bought cost 1000L – the worst skin I ever bought cost 1200L). I’d link to that good skin here, but its maker also sells XXX-products as a second product line under the same brand label.

500L: quality AO on the cheap (there used to be a mall called ‘Anime’ with some amazing and cheap AOs. Its gone now, but you can still find on of the makers that used to sell there, =random kitten=). Try this marketplace search if not buying at random kitten. BUT NEVER BUY AN AO OFF OF MARKETPLACE. Go to the shop for each of the AOs you find there, and demo it. Demo every single last animation… because you will spend more time looking at this than anything else in SL.

Hair: 200L – I’ve never paid more for a hair, and I’ve bought some great ones. You only need 1 if you window shop carefully. For the past 12 months I’ve only worn 2 of mine – one for when I go neko and one that fits my furry but looks a lot like my neko one, both made by Jonah Dreads but he only works if you want dreadlocks. Before I found him I still had no trouble buying under 200L and can help with LMs if needed).
Get hair here – the rule is: 10L to 200L, copy AND modify. I’ve presorted that by newest rather than popularity – to help you be distinctive. But change the sorting if you prefer ‘what all the other avatars have’. You’ve got to set a minimum or you’ll get stuck in demo land. Find one you like, find its location inworld, and GO THERE to try the demo.

NEVER! EVER, EVER, buy no-modify hair. No-modify hair means a resize script, which means severe lag issues for you and those around you. People will HATE you for it, some places will even ban you for it. But unscrupulous merchants keep selling it anyway.

Clothes: 5-outfits for 400-750L. Go to Bare Rose and Lavish Style to easily stay in the range of under 150L per outfit. If you want reggae hit my shop – which launched reggae clothes last night ( but I’m new to making clothes). There are -MANY- low cost clothing makers in SL. The trick is that they don’t tend to be listed first in marketplace, and their adverts often don’t look as polished (with the exception of Bare Rose – she makes a RL income by being the Macy’s of Second Life).

Shoes: 1 pair for 150L. Hit some chairs for 2-3 more freebies if you need them. Unlike RL your avatar’s shoes are not connected to the nerves in your brain that are right next to the nerve center that controls female orgasms, so you don’t need as many of them. 😉
Shoes for: Women | Men

The rule for no-modify applies for shoes as well. And for the same reason as for hair. Resize scripts on items with a lot of prims can cause lag-doom for you and everyone near you. Its like having Second Life Leprosy… everyone tries to avoid you once they find you’ve got the cooties.

So that’s… 2700L. In US dollars… $10.38.

Do that and you’re done shopping in SL for ‘necessities’ – the rest is just polishing. I don’t believe there is anyone in SL that can’t afford that. Its just that people need to convince themselves they can. Do it once and do it right, and you can then exists on freebies and just playing with friends for the rest of your time in SL, buying things only as desired. Merchants will hate hearing that, but its true.

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  1. Nathan Smith
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 23:52:31

    Very excellent article about second life on the cheap! By the way I’m coming soon for your next event. Thanks a lot 🙂


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