Toadstool club taken down – Rasta / Christian Church built instead.

Yeah another club in SL that didn’t make it. But not for the usual reasons (or maybe this is the usual reason).

I liked having the place, and I love making builds in Second Life – but I’m not, at least at present, the sort to run events and host parties.

So when it was time to adjust my tier and move from my home sim, I put the lot Toadstool was on up for sale as well. I just don’t have it in me to be a hostess. The place got a decent number of visits for a place not being run by anyone – enough to convince me that there is demand in Second Life for the kind of reggae location I am interested in. Or maybe they were all ‘Dancehall’ fans and not roots fans who just teleported in and realized I was the wrong kind of music before leaving… 🙂

Nonetheless, its gone. I’ve instead recently put up a Rastafarian / Ethiopian Christian church:

And if you go there you can hear the same stream I was running at Toadstool.

For the last month I was wavering between taking the club down, or investing in an auto-DJ service to stream my own reggae collection of some 22 (according to my iPod) different Roots artists.

But Auto-DJs gets pricey once you go above 500mb’s of music, and I wanted to upload 8gbs…

A partial version of the build now sits above the road in Campion, and a good 4000m above that is a second copy – while I ponder what to do with it.

Maybe it will come back someday, maybe not. Right now I’m enjoying no longer feeling guilty exploring SL instead of hosting my club… 😉

Inside of the church mentioned above:

The Church is in Shermerville, in the sim of Blumfield

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