Reggae Furry – group in Second Life

Just a short post today.

I’m desperate to find some like minds. So if this is your thing too, please join in and chat it up.

Started a new group a few days ago. Hoping to see if there are any other furries in Second Life that enjoy / prefer reggae or even Rastafarian spirituality.

Reggae Furry – an open group, looking for any furry that likes reggae. Meant to be social.

I gave it this for a listing, so far:

New group meant to be chatty, for furry fans of reggae and / or Rastafarian furries.

Please use group chat often. Tell us of any reggae happenings in chat.
If you’re a furry DJ or host with reggae events of your own, send up to 3 notices per week (send us your schedule in advance).

If you’re a furry reading this who loves reggae, join up. 🙂

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