What do I know about Ethiopia (A curious IM)

Got an IM last night while offline, and I’ve decided to keep my response, with this blog seeming like the best place to do so:

[07:29] [*** ******]: (Saved Mon Jul 18 23:21:45 2011)i was going to ask you what you knew about ethopia.. but then i saw the christianity bit.. .. so.. ,, ummm.. nm
[07:29] [*** ******]: (Saved Mon Jul 18 23:23:45 2011)a friend was telling me about how every other house there either has a cross or a cresent

[07:31] Pussycat Catnap: The Ethiopian Orthodox church is the oldest Christian faith alive. Directly founded by one of Jesus’ apostles (Mark – who founded the church in Egypt?). It was ‘re-established’ in roughly 300AD when the Council of Nicea happened and ironed out what eventually became the Catholic doctrine. The Ethiopians were a part of that, but never joined with the romans.
[07:33] Pussycat Catnap: Ethiopia is also the only African country to not fall to Europe during the age of European Imperialism. Falling only for a few short years during WWII – it thus had an unbroken monarchy dating from King Solomon (referenced in the Bible) down to Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari – for whom the Rastafarians are named as they hold him as a holy figure.)
[07:39] Pussycat Catnap: The famine we all in the west heard about in the 1980s was actually triggered when a Soviet backed communist coup known as the DERG removed Emoperor Selassi from power. They of course mismanaged the country with a series of camps and harsh worker reforms, as well as war with Eritrea – resulting in the famine. Which was actually due to taking farmers off of their lands and putting them in camps.
[07:40] Pussycat Catnap: So that’s what I know about Ethiopia. That and… I buy my coffee beans raw from Ethiopia and roast them myself. 🙂

Now that I’ve got that, I’m going to fact check it over time and improve this. Yeah, it doesn’t directly touch on Second Life, but its relevant for me.

This was asked of me by someone who I think was visiting my Ethiopian / Rastafarian church in Blumfield (part of Shermerville). I suspect people either wonder about Ethiopia, or wonder who I am to have something related to it.

I’ve been ‘accused’ by southern-whites a few times in my life of ‘obviously being a communist’ because I was a social and economic liberal with part Chinese ancestry. And once in the Second Life community of being a ‘socialist’ because I liked Reggae by a very famous (but known to be mentally unstable) resident. It always gets me riled up – fools who don’t realize my family was driven out of China by the Communists. And we can add to that that a person I consider a holy inspiration having been taken out and had his country ruined by Communists.

Don’t ever accuse me of communism or socialism, unless you want to get me really sore at you.

No I’ve never been To Ethiopia myself. The church design was based on a photograph. I’ve read a lot about the place, and am currently reading three books on the subject. But I’ve not -yet- been to Africa. For me, it’d have to be part of a journey to the Holy Land. Someday I would like to visit both the parts of Israel/Palestine where Jesus lived, and whatever holy shrines in Ethiopia they would let a foreigner into.

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