Bitten by a Meeroo, infected with Second Life Crack addiction ;)

I Can Haz Meeroo
This is essentially a pyramid scheme. So…


Shakes fist.

What ya’ll don’t know about me, at least until right now, is that I played WoW for a short period and in that time managed to get 80 minipets for my tauren. Likewise in Guild Wars (which I guess I still have an account to because they don’t go away) – I had/have stacks of them.

After getting a neighbor with somewhere between 30-100 horses, and obtaining an extra 7000m of land when the other neighbor freaked and ran off sim… I found that after the neighbor who left complaining of horse lag… left… lag went down. But the horses were still there.

So I dunno… maybe you folks who say this new brand of pet is not so laggy are right.

And right before buying my second lot in Bay City yesterday, I discovered there were horses there again. But no real lag. Clicked buy, and -then- noticed an hour later that the person who’d bought a lot an hour before me and had been up in the sky had rezzed a full on Meeroo shop up there… but the lag bunnies still hadn’t come to shred me to pieces.

Back when I had my first lot in SL… there was a day when I saw bunnies flying overhead, literally. Physical bunnies traced back to a flying hay silo in the sky. This was before Ozimals was publicly known about, so while they looked like bunnies I thought they were scion chickens…

– And the little buggers were like lag-bombs. Each one of them rocking my sim-world as it flew by devouring my FPS like a goat let loose in a field of grass. An experience I repeated almost a year later in another sim when an Ozimal shop came to town. For the first few weeks while they had bunnies rezzed, the sim was useless.

But so far these things don’t seem as bad, so I got one, and being me I had to go get the green one too. The little guy you see coming out of his nest there… so far he likes hiding under my lawn chairs, or trying to run inside the walls of my skybox. The green one seems content to bounce around, despite a claim that she’s “lazy”.

Sigh… now I’ve got myself hooked on mini-pet crack in SL… 🙂

Keeping the little buggers here, for your petting enjoyment:

In what used to be my club, for now, since parts of it have the right sort of theme for them.

Now I need to decide if I want to be in or start a fellowship or just sit back and quietly enjoy them.

Keep in mind that I’m still very much aware that this is a pyramid scheme. You don’t usually cash in with these things unless you’re in -before- the ground floor. My odds of making money with these things are similar to the odds of making money with the tricks in one of those Real Estate seminars advertised on late night TV.

So… WTF am I doing? Why buy them?

Well, remember what I said about having 80 minipets when I played WoW? You make flat-out nothing off of those. Of course you also don’t have to pay to keep them. But you do get the fun of using them.

And that’s why I got me some Meeroos. To enjoy the actual critters I get instead of banking on them. Sure I’ll sell excess nests, probably not getting anything of note from them if I even manage to sell them in the present glut. But mostly I plan to breed out some nice sets, age them, and convert them to Mee-Pets – where they will be free to keep once converted.

Essentially, imagine a wine aficionado buying the farm, so she can grow the grapes, and bottle the wine, only to finally get the perfect bottle for herself (ps: I don’t drink alcohol -AT ALL-, its just the analogy that popped into my head). I’m looking to see if I can turn this into a ‘create-a-pet’ game, were I’ll feel my money on the pyramid gave me a worthwhile toy at the end.

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