Meeroo’s under Assault

A short one today.

If you’re into Meeroos, head on over to their website and read what’s been going on:

It seems these folks are suffering some kind of organized attack by unknowns. My theory is recently banned individuals are trying to strike back by doing any and all damage they can to the rest of the Meeroo player base and its developer team.

Over the last week, they had to ban first one person who had used stolen scripts to make a ‘cheat’ device that would pet the meeroos via a timer based script wrapped around a prim containing the stolen script…

And then second they had to ban a series of users who had hacked their breeding system in order to enable the production of 1 baby Meeroo per day from select couples – using ultra rares to ‘assembly line produce’ more ultra-rares. Normal Meeroos can produce 1 baby per 5 days, with a genetics system that works to keep rarity intact.

Mysteriously, after announcing these bans, their sims came under attack with people using the old ‘invisible prim covering a vendor’ trick, alongside what I gather are other tricks to hack-enable rezzing on no-build land.

This was followed by one of accounts used by the Meeroo developers to manage their system getting banned for unstated/unknown reasons (now since unbanned). False ARs, or people trying to AR the sim attackers and accidentally ARing the real parts of the Meeroo store build – unknown at this time.

Quite a bit of activity going on now over there as Malevoy, the company behind Meeroos, comes under attack and tries to hold itself together.

Lets wish them well. I know people have a lot of reason to be hostile to the makers of Breedables, but if you stop for a moment and check these folks out and their chosen pet; they’re not the same kind of folks as we’ve seen in past.

I’m guilty of that myself. After such poor history with scion chickens and the lag of the bunnies, I came out pretty harsh on the horses and the meeroos. But on a whim recently I went and looked, and started following their product and their company’s conduct – and came away impressed.

Malevoy seem like genuine good folks, with a curiously low lag product, who don’t really deserve to be lumped in with some of the labels traditionally put onto the makers of Breedables. So its a shame they’re being so targeted.

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