Bots in the wilds of SL… Traffic Injection – long standing bot farm business, still in business, in SL…

Botfarm at Relleri
See I thought there was a policy against traffic gaming – but this place has been here since the very first land I owned in SL, just up the hill from it, in 2009.

My first encounter was putting in a ticket to get the land around it up for auction. A linden came, did that, and left. I’ve since AR’d it a few times, and nothing.

People speak about exceptions to the ToS being urban myth. And for the most part I agree. But these folks have an obvious exception to the ToS even by their own group’s description…
Botfarm's group description.

The owner’s downright brazen about all of this:
Botfarm owner.

So what does the Second Life Terms of Service have to say?

Relevant portions:

    8.3 You agree that you will not post or transmit Content or code that may be harmful, impede other users' functionality, invade other users' privacy, or surreptitiously or negatively impact any system or network.

    You agree to respect both the integrity of the Service and the privacy of other users. You will not:

    (ii) Post or transmit unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, or promotional materials, that are in the nature of "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation that Linden Lab considers to be of such nature;

    (iii) Use robots or other automated means to increase traffic to any Virtual Land;

    (vi) Violate our Second Life Mainland Policies, each of which is incorporated into this Agreement.

Any violation by you of the terms of this Section may result in immediate suspension or termination of your Accounts without any refund or other compensation.

And of course this portions of the Bot Policy:

Using bots to “game” traffic is not allowed. You may not attempt to gain an unfair advantage in search results through the use of bots to inflate the traffic for a parcel. This policy applies to both mainland and private estates since both are represented in search.

So I’m baffled…

I’m almost equally baffled about how such a business stays in business. Who falls for this scheme in today’s SL? But there you have it.

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