5th rezzday passed, and didn’t notice

You might look up my profile, and wonder what I’m talking about. Pussycat dates to June 15, 2009.

But the real ‘not-so-very’ secret is that Pussycat is technically an alt. Or an alt-main. Or a main-now-that-my-main-is-no-longer-my-main-cause-the-new-main-was-made-to-replace-the-old-one.

Or something like that. 🙂

I originally joined Second Life as part of the Poser 7 promotion to come see their build in some weird video game / pron thing folks were calling Second Life. I’d not bothered with Second Life because well, what was wrong with my First Life?

Never liked my original name.

In fact I disliked it so much that I quit SL by the end of my first month.

See if you think the fiasco with last names is bad now, back in 2006 I had to agree to a TOS that said I got one account, had to pick the name right then, could NEVER change it, had to pick one of the 5 last names on my screen, and would be perma-banned for the rest of my first-life if ever caught making a new account…

So I chose quickly. It was just some video game for people with no First Life, what did I care? I jumped in, went to the Poser thing, and found out all the goodies were not for Poser, but for Poser fans who played this loser video game for people with no First Life to ‘represent’ inside of their Second Life.

I was originally a Yue.

So I left. Bad name, no point, whatever

So my original Second Life account dates to December 12, 2006. Is that my rezzday, or is June 15, 2009 my rezzday?

I dunno. I do know I actually came back in March, April, or May somewhere of 2009 – wandering around on my original account, and then when I discovered the alt-policy wasn’t going to send some nice Italian gentlemen to visit me if I made an alt… on a now also abandoned alt.

Cause yeah… I goofed in the name AGAIN. That alt dates to May 20, 2009. She was a Bohemian.

Pussycat came about because I was doing the usual noob thing of wearing boxes on your head one day in 2009 when one of them turned me into a neko.

That was the moment SL clicked for me. The moment I felt a sense of connection to SL – was the moment I ‘wore the wrong box’. Now I needed to figure the place out. And my displeasure at name choices started becoming important. Kind of like it has for a lot of ‘Residents’ over the past year.

I searched for ways to have a cat-like name. I lucked out and found slnamewatch, which at the time was listing links to all the places you could register any active name not currently being shown in the pulldown list on the official page.

To the Residents: Yes even back when we did have last names, they didn’t do it an ideal manner. They gave you a list of 5, out of the several hundred, and most people didn’t know hitting refresh in your browser would “sometimes” cycle in a different 5 (at least in the last year of them it would)…

There were a couple cat choices. The ones I really liked (but don’t like now) were already retired.

Back in the day, to prevent any poor sod from being registered as ‘Marysue1981e5’ (who as of this posting doesn’t exist), they would retire a name if it got too used, or if they wanted it to feel special (like GossipGirl, made for a certain TV show, which actually kept working for a few months after it was supposed to be retired, if you knew where to register for it – which reminds me that I don’t even remember who my gossipgirl alt was… or if I even made one…).

So I had to search for a while to find the right surname, and then I tried all sorts of catty names with it, including catty – writing them down and saying them back in my head… You don’t want to know what my first choices were… Ok, maybe you do… one of them is not a good word in polite company anymore, despite sounding similar to what I ended up with, and the other just sounds very pathetic and begins with ‘kitty’ but does not have ‘cat’ in it.

Once I hit on the name I’ve got now, and found it wasn’t yet taken, that’s when this became my ‘new-main’. I sent over everything I could from the old account, and shut the lights on that chapter of things. Losing maybe 3000-5000L worth of goods, as I was still a newbie in shopping habits with not much stuff.

Now I’m a Catnap.

So where was I?

Yeah so, what is my rezzday?

What counts, for people who left and came back? I actually do remember a few things from my short stay in 2006 – but I was not involved in any community back then, and only talked to a grand total of maybe 3 other people.

I got back a few months before I switched accounts. But I can go for quite a long time without thinking about the old account – just a vague awareness that I had it. Technically it still exists. It was never deleted or banned. Its just there somewhere. I could go through and do a ‘forgot password’ thing and maybe get it active… but I left it for a reason.

Though… 2 days ago was still its 5th rezzday… which in a sort of way, makes that my kinda-5th-rezzday-but-not-quite. 🙂

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