Changes over the year in my look

They’ve got a contest on the SL forums right now, to post a pic of your old and new self over this year.

It seems I’ve changed a lot in the last year:

I’ve discovered people think its from having an amazing machine, when it isn’t. I have the bottom-end new iMac.

The left side image is ‘what people expect’. The right side image is just a minor few tweaks to the graphic settings…

Left side was just no anti-alias, medium graphics, sun set to sunrise or sunset (I forget).

The right begins with a change to sunlight, using a preset.

Light/sun to ‘Incongruent Truths’ preset. Then adjust the sun to a time of day showing the mood you want. This preset brings out great color saturation as well as highlights and shadows.

Turn on shadows, ambient occlusion, and depth of field. Set anti-alias to 8x (at least I do).

Use a still pose. Not your AO animations. A still pose will let you work with it. There -IS- a freeze frame option in the snapshots, but the still poses are still just going to help you mentally frame your scene better…

Don’t have untextured props in the background like I did… πŸ™‚

Rez 3 spheres, and make them lights. I forget the options on SL lights… but this is something I’ve been doing since the Poser days. Even if you can’t set a directional light, three different colored lights around your scene will really make it pop. I did -NOT- do that in my blog’s screenshot, but will do it soon and show an update. My screenshot just has one light, which was used to bring out a highlight along my avatar.

You put each light at a different spot, with different color, strength, etc…

Take snapshot, and lord it over your friends. πŸ™‚

As to my look, there’s been quite a few changes along the year.

In July or so I finally updated my neko skin, and got my proportions fixed up:

In late 2010 / early 2011, I found what was until recently my default furry look:

The same year saw me make an impressive number of land moves. I’ve been on the run in 2011. From Milu to Campion to with the start of 2012 Ironchurch. A number of side-stops along the way to get boat and car rezzing land in assorted sims… CLosing my infohub land. Moving my club twice, closing my club because it was never really open to begin with. Moving my shop space 4 times…

In fact at present I have three shops, which is odd for a person with a product line barely over 20 items. πŸ™‚ One is a stall at Irie Vibes, one a lot on mature Bay City, and one on G-rated Bay City… Eventually expect to cut back on the G-rated lot.

Hoping 2012 will mark an uptide in how often I write to this blog, but we shall see. πŸ™‚

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