The Power of Light Presets – three identical images, no post work, only light presets changed

Here are three images of my home in Second Life.
Incongruent Truths Light Preset

Foggy Light Preset

Funky Funky Funky Light Preset

These were all taken in Second Life with no set up. Just logged in, moved my camera back, and opened the screenshot dialog.
Screenshot Dialog

I then went in and set up my preferences for my usual configuration when making a screenshot:
Second Life Screenshoting Preferences
Somewhat high up there, I leave this dialog open until I’m done so that by just hitting cancel I revert back to my normal setup.

Now I open up the sky editor:
Opening the Second Life Sky Editor

And then just pick the preset you want, adjust the time of day, and take your screenshot. For more control, mess with all of the other settings as well to taste for the mood you desire.
Light Preset

For taking screenshots you want to turn on high resolution and quiet screenshot to disk:
SL Quiet Screenshot to Disk / High Resolution Screen Capture.

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