Haunting Past

When you come from the inner city, with all its troubles; I guess you never really escape that world…

Just got a phone call that a sibling’s friend was murdered…

Someone I’d met a few times who like all of us had a very troubled time growing up – but had managed to make it out. Even got a Master’s degree. As far as I know, the only person in his family to ever go to college.

I cut my ties with my past as well as I could when I got out – reconnecting with family only after I left the military.

A rough world is best left behind. Recently I’d been mulling over thoughts of old friends from high school and my early 20s.

But this makes for the third violent end to someone younger than me that I knew from before. Unless you count the ‘walking dead’ of addicts with ailments that are slowly eating them away…

Because I only barely knew him, its hitting in an odd place. I can remember him as a smiling kid hanging out with a younger sibling – and I recall talk of his troubles, and of finally going to school. And now this strange news.

We change and reinvent ourselves throughout life, but some things keep their hold. My past is littered with people who have had hard lives; dream cut short, violence, drugs – the litany. Its very much shaped my worldview.

Though I barely knew this kid, and in my mind he was still a kid, its very saddening and disturbing to hear that, in the end he did not make it out.

Time will tell, hopefully, what happened here. Details are unknown – he was found after the act.

I can only pray for him and his family now.

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  1. shockwave yareach
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 10:36:14

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. Yeah, I can see where simply putting the bad you’ve left behind you is the wisest approach. If you come back, people think you’re showing off your good fortune to them. If you don’t then they fuss that suddenly you are too good for them. You simply cannot win — so don’t bother playing their game.

    I left a sh**hole for SAC myself back in the bad old days. This put my in worse sh**holes for the next 5 years. But I survived it and came out much stronger and wiser than when I went in. Sadly, a good fraction of my comrades did not make it out alive like I did. One died at the hands of a drunk driver. One murdered on the beach inside the perimeter. One decided life sucked and pulled the pins on the ejector seat while in the cement hanger… But SAC and the USSR failed to kill me, so now I enjoy my life, partly out of spite.


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