New Bunny Furry from Dark Spot Designs – Amazing partial-mesh furry

My alt Bunny has been languishing for years on an avatar I was only partly happy with.

I’ve never been happy with the rabbit offerings in Second Life, for furries. Some amazingly good makers have skipped this one by, some other amazing makers have dabbled in it with results that were just not to my tastes despite loving their other work.

This new furry is just everything I’ve ever wanted in a rabbit furry – all in one package of pure goodness, from a builder who’s recent offerings have been just dynamite.

Ps: I’ve never met the person(s) behind DSD, never spoken/chatted with them, didn’t get a darn thing to motivate me to write this.

In fact I found the avatar by chance. I bought another DSD avatar for Pussycat some months back (The Ocelot) and seriously fell in love with it. This weekend I was seriously bored, and teleported over there after looking at and seeing no interesting reviews.

It wasn’t even the first furry shop I hit. I was just doing that random… lets go through my LMs folder and see what’s up… boredome cure. Saw rabbits, logged out of that alt and sent Bunny over there in a flash.

Took me about 2 minutes to make the choice – the preview art was enough to tell me that it was worth a gamble. I saw the note that I needed a mesh viewer as I was clicking buy. But that’s fine – I use a lot of mesh these days. Who doesn’t?

I’ve seen a few full mesh furry avatars on the grid – and not been satisfied with them. They’re all just a bit too different from the base look of an SL avatar. Very cartoony, or for tiny creatures or alien monsters.

This one isn’t that. Its a partial mesh in the same way most current furries are partial sculpty. You take a human avatar, and wear the furry parts, then put on an alpha map to hide your feet, hands, and human head.

In other words you can still wear all your current clothing.

But because its mesh, it can do things you just can’t do with a sculpty based furry, like the way the feet bend when my avatar taps her foot sitting on a stool:

That’s all one mesh piece. In a sculpty avatar, you would need a foot and a leg piece – and be able to see where they met, or they would be fused stiff. Mesh can bend, if its rigged.

Here are the SLARF like stats on this avatar:

Out of the Box:

It came with 2 complete copies for each gender – two variations on the color I bought. Not sure if this is common to the other colors or not. Each had:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Male/Female PG and Mature Skins
  • 1 shape.
  • Digitigrade Legs with feet in one piece
  • Cut Digitigrade Legs with feet in one piece – for wearing pants, Woohoo!
  • Plantigrade Feet
  • Flexi tail
  • Hair – Which I have not used
  • Ear/Eyes/Mouth/Tail options in HUD
  • Speech Gestures
  • 2 Alpha Textures:
    • Head, Digi legs, and hands
    • Head, Planti feet, and hands
  • Floppy Ears
  • Pierced Ears
  • Floppy Pierced Ears
  • Head with Piercings
  • Jaw with Piercings
  • Modifiable
  • Copiable
  • Not Transferable
  • Avatar Draw WEIGHT
    • 24671
  • Script Info:
    • 114kb – 16kb each for 2xhands, 1xjaw, 2xears, 2xeyes, 2xlegs
    • 32kb – head
    • 64kb – Tail
    • 64kb – HUD
  • DSD Shop Location
  • L$900

That said I’ve not unpacked the male copy, so I can’t say if it is different. I’m assuming its the same goodies.

I used my own shape with the avatar, as I found the included one too slim and not well fitting to the ‘standard sizes’ mesh clothing that is so popular these days.

– As a result I had to use a different alpha map instead, but there is a box of free alpha maps at the DSD store, and the one in there that is for head, hands, legs, and feet is 99% identical to the one with this avatar – with the 1% difference being in the neck, right were I was having trouble with my shape, so it solved my problems perfectly.

Lets look at something about this skin tone, that goes to the heart of my problems with past avatars. She’s black. NOT grayscale… but actually black. In 2009 I lambasted the then selection for black furred furries because the artists were using a common technique for simulating black on a screen of instead using shades of gray. This is done so that you can have highlights and shadows.


Its one of those art school things you learn. that is actually incorrect. Go to design school and you will learn something else about black in print design… never use black…

Um… but that’s what the art school folks say too right?

Nope. Slightly different… In design school we learned to use colors – not gray or black ink, but to ADD a bit or CMY to your K (K is black ink, the others are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow – this is how comic books got the nickname 4-color).

Guess what? The same thing works on screen.

Instead of using gray shades to do black… use a very very very dark color for the shadows, a slightly less dark midnight blue for the base, and a midnight blue for the highlights. The result is an almost silky vibrant glossy sheen to things like fur.

This rabbit doesn’t do it with midnight blue, but with earth tones. Zooming in I see a subtle hint of earth tones for highlights. It is just enough to work:

And that folks… allows you to have a black furry that actually looks black, not gray. Finally somebody who learned the same lesson I did, however they learned it, and put it to good use on an avatar. Not just any avatar, but a bunny. This was key to me because my original desire was to make a Bunny furry that would be named after the black rabbit of Watership Down. My alt Bunny predates my neko days… she started back when I thought you needed a character in Second Life – and so a roleplay story… so the first thing I did was go looking for the right concept… and found nothing but gray… As a result Bunny was actually on a human avatar for the first few months, then I found a place selling a ‘hybrid’ like a rabbit version of a neko… and I just colored the skin with a black square texture until developing my Midnight Skin (a low cost skin I still have in my shop)… and finally giving up and going gray…

Now I’ve got a Black with Brown avatar… but I’m thinking of getting the solid black one as well. 🙂

Unfortunately, because I finally have an rabbit avatar that I like, I was then forced to go and buy 3000L worth of clothing and accessories for her… Oops… 😀

There were plenty of color choices too, black, black and brown, black and light brown, black and gray, black and white, brown, and then all of that other stuff. 🙂

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lori
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 18:59:40

    Thanks so much for the review, I was trying to find this bunny and happened to find this page. Saves me tons of searching!


  2. Pussycat Catnap
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 20:30:59

    I’ve got it in 4 colors now. This is, in my opinion, the best furry avatar I have ever encountered in SL, to date. Definitely worth getting.


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