Been silent a while, but still out there

I haven’t been around much lately, here or in Second Life. But I am still about.

I’ve gone through pending comments and cleared through the list. Also changed my ‘Callouts’ links on the right to a Tutorials section. Hopefully that will make it easier for people to find some things.

Second Life… Not sure why I’ve been quiet of late. Just kind of have. I consolidated a few bits of land – expanding what I had in Bay City but getting rid of some pieces here and there. I’m still working to get rid of a water lot I bought on a whim some time back.

I seem to have completely lost access to two old alts. But for different reasons that form cautionary tales.

The first one – they have a system on “forgot your password” where they will suspend your account if you don’t answer the security questions within a hidden number of tries. The problem is they don’t show the security question most of the time. Instead they pull from your friends list. If you have some people you friended that you don’t really know… you can get locked out – permanently.

Well… I can get that account back if I send them a copy of my state issued ID card… My RL one. Even though the account does not even have my RL info entered into it… (not even PIOF).

It was my old roleplay alt, so it had a long list of friends from old Pandaria Roleplay who were people I’d met once at an event and never spoke to again.

The cautionary tale is for businesses in Second Life. Quite a few merchants have sent me friends requests as a part of the conversation. If they don’t still remember me a few years later, and then they forget their password.

It won’t ask you if your pet is named “Muffykins”. It will ask you this:

[**********] Catnap
[**********] Resident
[**********] Oh

– So um… Maybe you remember me, and Resident, surely you can remember one of those folks (it doesn’t seem to care which of them). But do you remember your friend who’s name ended in ‘Oh’?

What if it was

[**********] Gossipgirl
– And you couldn’t think of -anyone- you knew with that handle, because the person was some random newbie who logged in for a day, bought your item, asked you how to use it, ran around with a box on the head for 3 hours, and quit – all back in 2010 during the few months that name was allowed.

Yeah… you just lost your Second Life account.

I recently went through and did screenshots for my friends list, on every alt…

But the real problem… if you hack my email, and you know my friends list – can you steal my account?

Because a lot of people kind of figure out each others friends over time.

Especially the ‘ex’ you’re having lots of drama with…

So the other account I lost I lost because it was proof against the above problem. Somehow I made it either without ever using an email address, or at least – I never recorded what that address was…


On the two accounts combined, I’ve probably lost 30,000L worth of goods. But that’s small for me for the length of time. One of these alts was almost as old as my main – but rarely used. The other was very recent and made to theme with petites (actually she was made to grab screenshots for updating my ‘Getting Starting’ guide to V3, and then I gave her a Petite avatar makeover)…

But neither was a very “personally attached” avatar. Though I had a lot of Pandoria stuff on one made by folks who’ve moved on from SL.

Some basic hints here:

  • Use an email on your account that is not used elsewhere. But write it down so you remember it.
  • Write your password on something physical and physically secure (kept at home).
  • Screenshot your friends list regularly.
  • Keep your enemies further, and your friends secret.

As for what kind of password to use:

Password Strength
– But you still have to remember it…

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