Ever burning fire – Ever Dreamscape

Ever Dreamscape
An ever burning fire has gone out.

That is how it feels since I learned.

On May 8th, 2014; a friend of many made the move on to her account in Third Life. It took a few more days for us to find this out.
Ever's Memorial - Ever had the perfect smile
Ever Dreamscape was a spark of inspiration for so many. She was the Clown Princess of Bay City. The glue that held so many pieces together.

At the tender age of 53, Ever logged out of First Life.

I first met Ever on an individual level during one of her random escapades. I’d gone to a few Bay City events and noticed how after a while they always took a turn for the humourly weird. One person seemed to dragging folks along for a few things, so I thought I’d stick to that person for a bit, maybe say something, and see what was going on.

Ever was full of an absurd amount of energy and drive. She seemed to be at the center of so many things, the sort of person who just had to be that extreme extrovert out there all over the place in both RL and SL. It would be some time until I knew better.

Its probably not right for me to share those of her secrets that I held; but I can do better. Or rather she can. She can share her secrets for us:
Hero’s Journey – Ever Dreamscape’s story
The Abuser – Ever’s struggle

It was always a thrilling experience to connect with Ever. Over time the conversations got deeper and I learned there was a soul of some amazing substance behind this bubbly silly avatar. She struggled with many things, and had her battles to wage. SL was the place where she could recapture a time where she had been able to be outgoing, and she took that, and quite literally set it on fire.

I mostly ran with Ever during 2012. I had a lot of fun just randomly popping in on her and seeing what she was up to. Sometimes it was a blast. Other times I’d surprise her alone somewhere in SL and this is how I got to know how much she had to struggle with – those were the moments when I just tuned in my big cat ears and set the whole thing to listen.

Do your friends a favor, if you read this. Sometimes, just let them ramble at you and go on for hours on end. SL is a great place for people to pour out their hearts and heal each other.

Ever showed me that. And she showed me that our ideas about who our friends are might not always be right. Sometimes the people we know are so much more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

She must have known that – she gathered up so many people’s hearts like a silly mother hen. Or maybe mother chimp. Or mother shark. Or drunken crazy lady on the corner with a match and kindling stuffed into your mailbox. Kind of… all of that. In the right ways.

She had her own set of superb ears as well I should say. I’m a fighter, and I get myself into scraps all the time. She was very good as just hearing me rant and rave and then having something useful to toss back for a little sense and perspective.

You can see, or remember, some of Ever’s magic, as she was one of those rare people who recorded some of her SL for all of us. Here is Ever’s youtube channel:


When 2013 came around, I don’t know why – but I stopped coming to SL. For most of that year I didn’t log in for more than a minute or two every month. I just sort of dropped the mic and walked off stage.

I never managed to reconnect with Ever. She was there everytime I sent her a message, but I stopped showing up. I kept thinking to myself… next week I’ll be back in SL again and I’ll hang out with all my friends there.
Her last words to me were on the SL Feeds:
“Happy New Year!!! ..and yes it would be nice to see you about ! :D”
Nothing important then. Just a friendly poke. But now I feel it.

Ever’s passing makes me realize putting of those who are dear to you is never wise. I’ve got some people I need to find a way to talk to now.

It feels like the fire has gone out for me in SL. But I strongly suspect Ever would not want that. She was an ever burning fire, an eternal party, always putting up cheery face and meaning it. People can be happy and sad at the same time – even being so happy you need to put on shades to be around them. That was Ever.

Her last words to us all are both humorous and sad:

“ok her’es th deal, i’ve suddenly taken very il….. if i ralley may spend a couple more years to harass you all hoping! did not takw the thoraze. it’s been lovely dancing w you all…..gnight George muahhhhh”

So everybody just keep on dancing:

For some reason when I view Ever’s youtube, it keeps recommending Boy George. So here’s one more for the party, Ever:

In quirky faith, you knew what your heart was for, and now you’ve got a halo.

And yes, no matter where you are now, Fire haffi burn:
Fire Ever haffi burn
Till we meet again;

Go light em up in heaven for us.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Daniel Voyager
    May 17, 2014 @ 02:51:02

    Very sad news and it’s still upsetting. RIP Ever. 😦


  2. Carmichael
    Oct 06, 2020 @ 02:17:27

    i just found out today Ever passed because i was gone between beginning of 2014 till this year 2020. She was a great friend. I’m so shocked.


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