OLD & OUTDATED: Mesh Bodies: TheMeshProject vs Belleza with a little on Slink Physique

Update 3: (September 13th, 2015) Well I finally did do a new review of Belleza:
Belleza V3 Mesh Body Review

The Reviews below no longer apply to any current avatars other than TMP. But in the time since I have found TMP has a number of issues with joint bending, and still exists in a closed off system. So… I am changing the text to be somewhat difficult – please look at my current review(s) listed above.

Kind of baffled because this remains my most popular blog entry… despite applying to nothing current in SL. If you’re on this page, you really should click that link above for Belleza V3 and tell whoever sent you here to change their links…

UPDATE 2: (July 12th, 2015) Obviously the review below is severely out of date with regards to Belleza and Slink… Belleza just recently had a new update fixing almost every issue it has had in the past. Its going to be interesting re-reviewing that one because so much changed. But a half year gap meant it fell way behind in popularity against other entries, and so a new review is going to have to look at things all over again. Slink also got an update, that made it quite good. Its not a body shape I enjoy, but the quality is now there. And… I looked back at the Lena Lush / Perky bodies again and found that ‘Lena Lush’ at least is almost unique in a certain niche area: large bosom avatars that have normal bodies… so it too needs an actual review now…

UPDATE: An Update to Belleza came out around midnight SL time, Nov 6, 2014 (or right at the end of Nov 5). It fixes some major issues, but adds a new major issue. See the revised Belleza Section. I will also come back and re-review Belleza in the near future.

Mesh Bodies are taking off in some corners of Second Life and I’ve recently been thinking of joining in on this.
There are surprisingly few reviews on the subject.

The only one comparing them that I could find was here: The Mesh Body Reviews – Belleza vs Mesh Project vs Wowmeh (naked) – Updated

– Which is pretty good, and I suggest reading that before or in addition to my points. My plan is just to cover the concerns I still had after reading that review.

While there are more than three entries in this field; Belleza, TheMeshProject, Slink Physique, and Lena Perky are the only ones that have a ‘normal’ shape. Fusion has one that comes close (called Androgynous for some reason) – but it still has bulky limbs and a bosom with nipples that have a very strange look to my eyes (they look almost like a torus).

Lena Perky was quickly off my list because its alpha system is simply not sufficient – too large of sections for most clothes wearing. In addition if you have an AO with an animation that raises your arms above the shoulder, the bend point for the Lena Perky is the same as the default avatar
– both of which are anatomically flawed.

Slink, Belleza, and TheMeshProject do not have this shoulder issue. Each is a little different and I’m not sure who has the best anatomy.

My main concerns in a mesh body are how well will it fit my wardrobe, and my preferences in skins.

Alpha Cuts:

For the wardrobe we need to know how good the alphas are and how well the body parts line up with the default avatar, as your wardrobe will be worn by that default avatar even as it goes invisible. Here are the alphas for Belleza, TheMeshProject, and Lena Perky:
And here is Slink’s system:

The Belleza has the best arm and leg cuts – significantly so. The TMP is second, but has the best chest cuts.

The upper neck cuts of the TMP are very specific which allows for a mutitude of tops to be worn… You can cut out by left or right, front or back – all individually. It means a LOT of clicking around setting up outfits, but also that you can get pretty good cuts… This is by far the best alpha-cut system of the choices I have seen.

The Belleza has a flaw in linking front, back, right, and left cuts. If you have an asymmetrical outfit this is a fatal flaw. Even if not many outfits have different cuts in front and back and Belleza cannot handle this common situation.

All of these amazing cuts are wasted from so simple a requirement being missed.

Hopefully that will be addressed someday – but I suspect it would require a whole new ‘cut up’ of the ‘faces / sides’ of the object and be a major undertaking.

The Slink one just doesn’t have enough cuts, period. Its not as limited as Lena’s was – but it comes close. It is in bad need of an update to this.

Clothing Fit

When it comes to fitting the body into your clothing… TheMeshProject falls down severely… In a flaw that is so bad it is shocking this made it out of even early testing: Notice the white there – that is the TMP body’s arms. Notice where it is not – inside the main body. This means most clothing with sleeves will suffer pop-through, and if your alpha cut doesn’t line up perfectly, you will have an odd spot somewhere.

Thus the initial image in this blog article – my arms poking out.

Here is the effect on a glove that is a perfect tight fit to my alt’s normal arms:
Normal, then TMP, then TMP with the closest Alpha Cut available.

Belleza does a better job fitting into the default avatar’s dimensions: If TMP did that, the contest would be over…

Notice how absurdly large my hands are in that Belleza image. This is another benefit of Belleza and TheMeshProject over every other competitor. Both use fitted mesh for the hands – so your hand size dial works on them. This does NOT work if you use the optional ‘Slink Fit’ version of Belleza.

TheMeshProject goes a step further though, the foot size dial also works, as its feet are also fitted mesh: And here you can see that a dial setting of 50 is close to ‘Slink Size’. But Slink Size may actually be too big for proper human proportions on an avatar under 6-feet or maybe even under 6’6″… My normal foot size dial was 16. Your foot should be “the same size as the length of your forearm”.

Unfortunately while you can get as big as Slink feet, The Mesh Project feet still float too high above the Slink ones to be able to wear rigged mesh shoes (unrigged however might work) made for Slink.

Belleza feet CANNOT be resized, but also come a lot closer to slink: The brown ‘blotch’ on the left foot there is my slink foot, resting just inside the Belleza one.

This almost means “some” of your slink shoes might work.

Belleza CAN be used with an optional ‘for slink’ body letting you wear your slink hands and feet… but this body requires an absurdly high “torso and leg muscle slider setting of 50″… 50 on the Belleza does not look as ‘muscle bound’ as it does on the default SL body or on other mesh bodies – so try it before you freak out over it.

Even once you set your torso muscle to 50, the hands join wrong. The left hand has a gap and floats a distance away from the body, and the right hand is overlapped by the body:


Mesh to Body join – neck seams

If you make it past all the above concerns, your next issue is the join between the avatar and your default Second Life head (unless your avatar is Irish, in which case you can buy one of the heads from Slink or TMP that have distinctively north-west-European facial bone structure – and will then look identical in shape to anyone else using the same head).

The Mesh Project can fit perfectly to the default avatar’s head if in styling you use the ‘retrofit’ option. I have no idea what the other option does as this one works so I used it and moved on. They then have a tattoo layer to blend one of their 36 skin tones to yours. Unfortunately my avatar, using Angel Rock’s Botswana Seal (choice inspired by my slight Nigerian heritage), exists in the ‘zone of pigments’ between their tone 30, 35, and 36. But most non-African skin tones and a few African ones are covered. – You might not see it, but I find the face slighter darker than the body tone here. However the blend is very well done and should work for most people.

Belleza now mostly fits on the neck:
And back:
– I need to play with the shape dials and see if that minor seam can be fixed. This is however, workable whereas before it was so bad the item went into my “oh well” list of purchases.

With the neck fit, Belleza will get featured in an upcoming blog post by me, because the body shape… is amazing. And now I want to show that, while also discussing its remaining issues.

On my alt that bought the full version of Belleza, I used the Omega system to apply her skin to the Belleza. Pre-update this exposed massive problems. After a recent update – it is much better, but exposes that the Belleza mesh might not be colored pure #ffffff (white), or might have some shine, bump, or other attributes. I plan to review Belleza again and examine this. That said – if you got Belleza and trashed it for the bad neck, get the update. The neck is much improved now. I for some reason took my screenshots with a built in skin for contrast, so you’ll have to wait till I can show you this.

On TMP, no matter what I do to mess with the shape dials, I cannot mess up the join. It remains perfect.
On Belleza it is slightly off in the back, but good in the front.

I did not check this closely on Slink. It seems to match up at the neck, but it uses an attachment for the blend rather than a tattoo layer which is just… peculiar. The attachment comes in a pack of several for different body fats starting at 5 and moving up in units of 5 – not consistent with the standard sizing clothes system, which means more alpha cuts will need to be used to hide parts of the body made too fat as a result…

The Bosom Shape

The next issue, and the issue that cut Slink out of the running for me, is how each of these models the bosom. Slink deforms under the bosom, and this can get quite severe:
This is the bosom at 100. The deformation there is easy to see by 53, and starts at 16… it starts before the bosom even starts forming… Notice how the under-bosom shadow is moving out from the body.

Belleza is much better:
At 100 there is visible deformation, but nowhere near as bad as Slink. This starts at a dial of 55, but is not easy to see until 71.

Belleza is the ONLY one of these three to include a nipple option that adds more shape and texture detail – a major plus for belleza as skin designers often make this part of the body to look good on the ‘flat’ default avatar, meaning it will often have baked in ‘bump / shadow’ that looks less appealing on a mesh body.

TheMeshProject does the best job here, in my opinion. Here it is at size 100, just to show an extreme:
From 30-100, I was able to get usable results. Here you can see a ‘break-away’ is only just starting to happen – and the shadow is still where it belongs. At my normal 48, it looks perfect.


Appliers are now out there for TheMeshProject and Slink.

Most of what you will find is for Slink – I think its been out longest and I think a lot of merchants assume its the one to support. My concerns above make me feel this might be jumping on the bandwagon too soon. The Slink body needs more corrections than the other two…

TheMeshProject’s website, ‘themeshproject.org’ will list out a huge list of merchants supporting it. If you start going to those shops you will quickly find that many of them in fact don’t even have a single item for it. Some of them… don’t even exist. They must have left SL or something.

In fact I had exactly one successful result in the skin category: Sinful Curves. And if you search for ‘themeshproject’ or ‘tmp’ on SL’s marketplace – most of the results as of this blog posting also point to that store. That store btw, does have very good skins… But none get as dark as I desire to go.

A much better way to find “the mesh project” items is the flickr group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/themeshproject/
– because this appears to list actual things. And will lead you to merchants with more things. Once I found this group I was finding MeshProject items everywhere. But still none go as dark in skin tone as I desire to go.

I get my skins from Angel Rock and that shop has been very hesitant about supporting mesh products. Appliers have only just begun to show up for them. Which is frustrating because they are the only shop in SL that seems to make African and Asian skin tones that really look of those ethnicities, but not by using the ‘cheap photo pasted into the UV map’ trick some low-end skin shops use. The skins at Angel Rock are super high quality (and they do have some Latina and Caucasian skins as well BTW).

As for Belleza, the neck issue above means any attempt to blend one of their existing skins to your own is likely to have issues.

Using an applier means going to the Omega system and buying a device that will ‘toggle’ your Belleza to be “Omega ready” – after that any Omega applier will work on the torso and legs, but NOT the hands or feet. So Omega is really only good if you use the Slink-fit version of Belleza.

Omega also works Lena Perky if you get that, and for EvE – which I plan to review soon.

Belleza might have appliers for it soon, the developer kit is now FREE to buy in their shop, for anyone. No need to get approved. Get it, and you can updates your stuff. BUT… the UV map for Belleza feet and hands is radically different from the SL avatar, so you will need to make all new photoshop files for this…

On the other hand my favorite skin designer does have appliers for lolas and phat azz… so I can get my skin onto a Belleza… BUT… Not onto the hands or feet.

To get a skin onto the hands or feet with Belleza you need a Belleza specific applier, or to use the Slink hands / feet and set your torso muscles to 50…

Concluding thought:

Sadly I feel all of these need work. Each of them gets some things right and other things wrong. The errors are not matters of style and preference but go to the heart of usability.

Belleza has critical issues with the alpha system and slink hands.
Slink has too few alphas and a highly deformed bosom.
TheMeshProject has arms that cannot fit inside clothing.

My opinion now is that the Belleza is the most ‘ready for market’. Its issues are the easiest to work around. That is a change as of 11/6/2014. TheMeshProject having a locked developer system means a LOT of skin designers have yet to be approved to make skins for it – and the arms issue is MAJOR for anyone who… wears tops with sleeves… which is most everyone.

If Belleza fixes the seam with the slink hands… and addresses my alpha map concerns, the contest would be over. But if themeshproject opens up applier design and fixes the arms – I would call it for them. Slink… would need to fix its bosom and adjust the alpha system in the chest area.

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  1. technophobeof cornwall
    Oct 03, 2014 @ 02:34:58

    Hi there … interesting post and very comprehensive. I have all three of these bodies but find the same problem with the alpha layers, i.e. if you want something that covers just one breast. I love the new belleza BUT hate the breasts – they look like they’ve been stuck on – and the nipples seem to be really oversized too. Has anyone else noticed this?

  2. Laurie7983 Gothly
    Oct 03, 2014 @ 23:53:16

    I found this blog post very insightful. I put my cards into the physique ring early on and watching the battle go on. I will say that Slink has a lot of competition from these two mesh bodies, particularly with the hands and feet not being fitmesh.

    I demo’ed the Belleza body but the breasts completely turned me off it. I’m eyeing the Mesh Project body with a bit of hesitation. I don’t think there is a clear winner yet, I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

    • Pussycat Catnap
      Oct 06, 2014 @ 09:17:12

      The bosom area of the Slink Physique bothers me severely. I wish I could like that one – but I found the underside of the bosom way too deformed to be able to buy it. While the shape chosen for the other two may not be to everyone’s liking – they hold their chosen shape without deforming.

      If “the mesh project” could properly fit its arms into outfits, it would be perfect – but this is actually bothering me less than the bosom issue with slink because at least it is not deformed.

      And with Belleza, I don’t mind its chosen bosom shape – but the neck fit is something I have been unable to fix, and whatever dials are needed to fix it remains a secret. The only hands/feet option that is viable though – is the slink one, which requires an ‘amazon muscle’ shape setting for belleza to match to it. Belleza’s own hands/feet remain unusual until applier support begins to show up.

      The biggest flaw all 3 of these have is being no-mod… so end users cannot do anything to address many of the issues. For example is I could mod Belleza I might be able to make a tattoo layer to blend the neck skin. Or if I could mod themeshproject I could drop in an omega applier and expand my skin choices…

  3. Ivy
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 15:46:54

    I have a few mesh bodies and heads. I eyed and did a lot of research regarding The Mesh Project before buying. I played with the Free Mesh Body by TMP for a few weeks and then bought the deluxe after finding that I could use my LOGO head as well as my classic avatar head and have a perfect skin matching with Belleza, Leaque, MOJO, and basically any skin I already own. I’m going to get the mesh head and a skin via TMP just to find out how it looks since I’m so pleased so far, In my opinion and because I am a fine artist and pin up artist TMP has the best mesh body as far as realism goes. I also like the neck lines up and blends flawlessly and if one has a plus size avatar, all one has to do is play with the muscles on the torso and saddle bags (and behind if you wish) to get her back to thickness while keeping body fat at a “0” to insure the neck lines up . TMP hud allows a person to mask the front and back of the arms and legs, plus entire body and if anything still shows you can create a shape by adjusting the arms just for that, which to me is not a huge issues since we had to do that at times with mesh clothing. I’m not upset about the lack of applications for TMP since TMP has amazing clothes anyway and seems to be making more. There is also ‘aDiva’ and several others if you type ‘The Mesh Project’ and click apparel in marketplace, and it seems new appliers for TMP are popping up often. I have a feeling TMP is probably going to win hands down since they seem to be continuing to create a diverse line of mesh heads and also shapes, plus updating their huds often – they are in BETA after all and still amazing. I think everybody is doing a fantastic job, though TMP is my absolute favorite.

  4. Jessica
    Oct 12, 2014 @ 01:34:14

    Wonderful article, and very helpful. Though just a comment on the the lack of quality african (dark) skins, particularly with appliers for Mesh Bodies. I’ve been recently informed that League may be releasing their Appliers for The Mesh Project within the next week, and they also have a newly released and very lovely african ( dark) skin…. They also already have their appliers out for SLink Physique.

    As for the article; its been very informative. I think TMP’s body is the most natural and realistic, but its rigging issues annoy the heck out of me. Fortunately I don’t wear anything on my arms that I can’t already move or adjust.

    Though its not just the arms either. I have some mesh skirts and bikini’s that fit perfect on my natural AV, but on TMP they look pretty bad.

    I asked TMP about it once, and they told me to go tell the fashion designer that I liked, to start making cloths just for them.

    It would seem to me, that TMP is intending on cornering the market by trying to get ALL designers under their roof and conforming to their Body.

    Like thats, going to happen…

    • Pussycat Catnap
      Oct 13, 2014 @ 09:15:03

      Yes if TMP believes they will achieve that, then the TMP system is not long for the grid… sadly.

      As for appliers for dark skin – I’m finding most of the current offerings that claim to be dark are actually still in the range of ‘Caucasian to Latina’.
      Over the weekend for example, Danika released an Ethiopian inspired skin, but its darkest tone is lighter than many Mexican-Americans.
      I have seen some ‘medium’ results from ‘Sinful Curves’ – their darkest tone looks like a person who might be 1/4th Sub-Saharan African in ancestry.

      I’ll have to look at what you’ve mentioned. A whole second problem I’ve had with many darker toned skins is they paint a very over-highlighted face onto the skin, which only looks right when a person is sitting under a bright light aimed at their eyes, strapped to a chair, and being beaten with a lead pipe by Soviet interrogators… or something… 🙂
      (The Sinful curves one lacks this ‘headlamp in your eyes’ problem – so its good but needs 3 more tones added to the darker end of the scale.)

      EDIT: I found the darkest tone for League to be more or less a hispanic skin tone. Its a very milky light chocolate. I guess the search for dark tones that work with mesh bodies continues for me. While ‘The Mesh Project’ actually have some – the only one of them with features that work for my shape has a ‘white blemish’ on the left nostril.

  5. bobbiephaulds
    Nov 10, 2014 @ 14:41:09

    Since I make applier-based clothing, I have most of the mesh bodies and the concerns are real but also depend on what you are looking for. I can tell you that TMP probably won’t be supported well because of their Style Hud system that required designers to upload their UUIDs into the TMP computer server. If the server goes down, you are also out of luck because your hud won’t work.

    The one that is in the pipeline that I’m looking forward to is Maitreya. Since she makes mesh clothing, she is well aware of the needed alphas so that problem should be much better with her body. We’ll see what happens.

    • Pussycat Catnap
      Nov 11, 2014 @ 11:28:18

      Keep in mind that every single person who sees your texture in SL – gets the UUID in plain text already. Its in the cache folder of your Second Life install. Every single UUID of every texture and object you see in SL. This info gives anyone in SL the ‘keys’ to any texture or sculpty (this is one reason why creators are better off using mesh than sculpty – having the UUID of a mesh object is… useless… for copying it).

      So uploading your UUID to somebody else’s server is not a security risk, given what is already going on…
      – What I recommend is instead making two copies of the texture, one for regular skins and the other for TMP – and watermark the TMP one somewhere that is seen on the default avatar but not on TMP (such a spot might not exist… and if so, just watermark the file on the sides differently…).

      If for example, TMP uses a different UV map for feet or hands… then you could just write all over the location where hands/feet are on the body texture… SO that if anyone copied it for a default skin, they’d see something like the words “I iz a thief” written, literally, on their hands…
      (this WILL work with Belleza, because Belleza hands/feet are a different UV map, so if some uses a skin you made for the Belleza body, in an improper way… they would see on the default avatar things not seen on Belleza – and in that space a designer could put any scarlet letters they desired. 🙂

  6. bobbiephaulds
    Nov 10, 2014 @ 14:45:50

    I forgot to add, for darker tones, you might look at Damn&Sweet. She has a large variety of appliers and if she hasn’t made the one you need, you can drop her an IM and she’ll make it.

    • Pussycat Catnap
      Nov 10, 2014 @ 15:46:15

      Thank you for the heads up.
      Yeah I am saddened by the state of things for TMP. It is a super nice looking body – but the restrictive applier system and the arm issue are going to really hurt it.

      That said I like the look of Belleza the most, in a slim contest between it and TMP – and the Belleza Alpha system and slink hand issue there is really frustrating.

  7. Sky
    Nov 29, 2014 @ 15:15:57

    I have all 3 bodies and my fav is TMP. I love how the body looks and i love the style hud. Its very easy to dress up vs belleza and slink. I liked the front view of the slink body but I dont like the side voew or the breast detail. From the belleza body, I like the breasts. The belleza Hud is nice too, they have all the tabs for skin, feet breast, hands, ect vs TMP u have to attach the hands, and for the feet, you have u click the icon and wait 2 seconds for style to load. What I really dont like about belleza is that the butt is huge even when i have it at its smallest. Another thing I dont like about belleza is the bulge in the front its just too much. In the end, I was happiest with TMP. I do really miss my slink shoe collection though.

  8. Aria Majere
    Nov 30, 2014 @ 23:57:06

    I got the free TMP body. It might as well be a working demo. Not even their Basic version comes with their alpha hud. Their hands look decent but I still would like to use my slink hands but it’s so far off from fitting that I can’t. I’m pretty sure the feet dont fit either. I don’t like how the boobs look on the Slink body so I likely wont use that body. I’ve yet to try it out with my lolas so maybe it’s salvageable. The Belleza body seems hard to push the boobs together. They never quite meet to form decent cleavage. But thankfully I’m not really all that interested in a mesh body. It can probably wait until they’ve sorted out their issues.

  9. Aria Majere
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 00:02:45

    Oh, and TMP is a my favorite so far just really really need them to fix the arm thing and the horrible lining up slink hands and feet and then MAYBE I’ll invest 2.5k or even 5k in it. Oh and I have to wait for Pink Fuel to make a TMP applier. Idek if that’s in the plans. But I do like the Pussy skin in skin 19. but their skins have bad shading under the bottom lip and i have to make my lips so small to fix it so idk.

  10. lulu
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 17:29:34

    I tried TMP and was unimpressed by what was available. If you’re going to have the audacity to charge $L10000 for a head and body combo you better offer up more of an incentive than a difficult to navigate store and an air of superiority.

    I would have committed to buying the full body and head set, but no way am I dropping that much money on something so unproven, especially since I don’t see the widespread support that they advertise.

    I’ve been using the Lena Lush body with the KL hands and feet (and recently added the new KL mesh head). I really like the body and constantly get compliments on how my avatar doesn’t look like a cookie cutter. It’s not perfect, but it is very affordable and can achieve a nice realistic body shape. I used the Perky body first, but wanted a less “supermodel” look and the Lush made that easy to accomplish.

  11. Danica
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 19:52:23

    While i love themeshproject’s body, the biggest problem, and likely why you find so many “merchants” that don’t offer anything is because in order to make your own stuff for it you need to be accepted as a merchant. I’m not sure what the thinking was behind this, but it hurts the project more than it helps because it limits what one can do and forces them to buy stuff they don’t need/want

    • Pussycat Catnap
      Dec 14, 2014 @ 00:53:41

      Yes I agree.
      I think the mesh project, nice as the body is, is a doomed project.

      They are way too slow to approve more merchants. Belleza was smart to, after first delaying and almost seeming to go closed-house like TMP and Slink… to just put the dev kit up for free for anyone, right there in the shop. They even included an unrigged copy of the body so developers could test without needing to buy in.

      Belleza… despite a rough start with an initially buggy body, and then the DMCA that they are just about through winning the fight on… is probably going to be the one the survives and becomes the standard.

  12. Deena Criss
    Dec 31, 2014 @ 21:16:08

    I just bought the Venus mesh body, which I assume is the one that has been corrected. The Notecard said that it had been fixed. The peculiar and, for me, outrageous shape of the bosom and a severe neck/head joint problem make it a no-go for me. This is sad, because the only skin I truly love is a Belleza skin, and they do not make the body applier for Slink.

  13. missLane
    Jan 08, 2015 @ 21:41:00

    Hi can you help me. I have belleza venus but it seems i have problem fixing the gap on my neck. would you mind share with me what is the neck measurement for belleza please. thank you.

  14. Finora Kuncoro
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 16:22:18

    Thanks ever so much for writing this review. It was really helpful for me in that it confirmed some of the impressions I had got from trying these bodies.

    I agree with the conclusion that sadly none of them are ready yet. The arms on TMP were a particular disappointment since I loved the other features, but having the arms breaking through a lot of my outfits made it unusable.

  15. gabbyjaws Resident
    Jan 21, 2015 @ 22:30:53

    I have the Belleza Venus and I noticed that one of my shirts my skin was sticking out when dancing and yet my avatar is very thin wonder why this is happening

  16. LunaAzulejo Resident
    Mar 18, 2015 @ 22:21:10

    This whole discussion makes me crazy. Yes, I can see why designers would have the patience and desire to fiddle endlessly with sliders and settings and whatnot, but most of us just want to live our (second) lives, socialize, create, have fun. Yes, the avi bodies we have are kinda goofy, but I certainly don’t want to labor over my avi incessantly. Wake me when there’s an easy solution, please.

  17. Mistress Sukia
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 19:07:53

    Hello Catnapkitty !

    Really nice blog here .. and this post definitely caught my attention.

    I have come across recently with the mesh bodies from the Brazilia Doll ( 3 ) from SKING that looks great to me.

    The last issue of those actually come with an alpha layer that makes both hands and feet disappear forcing the unsuspecting buyer to incur in the cost of buying also the slink feet and hands separately.

    I was wondering if it is possible to get somewhere an alpha layer for the Brazilia Doll 3 that “saves” the extremities from invisibility leaving the head, feet and hands of the underlying classical avi visible.

    Thanks very much for your attention !


    • Pussycat Catnap
      Jun 24, 2015 @ 08:59:42

      Yes actually. You can find alpha huds that will hide only the body, and not the feet hands… In the demos of some other bodies. I forget if it was in Lena Lush or Maitreya where I found the right one. I “think” it was one of those two… but it could have been elsewhere. Get all the demos of all the brands – even the ones you want to toss out… and keep their alphas. 🙂

      Also… if you want a big busted avatar – as the SKING ones are – on a more normal body… Lena Lush dials up to a high bosom very nicely – and unlike SKING the rest of the shape dials also work, so you can make the body slim or curvy, your choice… it just doesn’t have good alpha cuts – so the only friend I have using it is a fulltime SL nudist…

      Also look into FUSION. They have module body, bosom, arms, legs – get different modules and build your perfect shape. Some of the bosoms are small, some are bigger than the actual avatar… O.o

      I really really really need to do a part two to this review. Was waiting for the Belleza update but I feel that won’t happen within our lifetimes…

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