Freebie Script release -Visitor Tracking By Parcel Landowner or Region

I put out a new freebie yesterday. I’ve long been frustrated that visitor scripts always gave me most of what I wanted but not exactly what I wanted… so I decided to look and see if writing one would be too complex or not. Figured it all out, and decided to put it out there as a freebie.

You can get it here:

The feature set here is simple and yet, I hope, powerful. As configured the script will scan to the parcel limits every 20 seconds and add any names it has never seen before to the list of visitors. So it will only record a person once, and doesn’t do any complex metrics like how long or when or how often. Its just a listing of who has been by before, ever.

When you ask it for the list, it will give them back to you as a link to their profile, shown as “display name (name)”. I’m not aware of any other visitor tracker that gives them back as like like that, and yet that line of the code is directly from the wiki on SL’s LSL scripting language.


The script also manually updates the list everytime you ask it for the list, right before telling it to you – so that if somebody suddenly appears way out there on your land (and you happen to be near the script) you can use it to just get instant feedback with a link. You can request the list by touching it, or with a chat command to either say the list to just you or to public chat.

And that is fullperms so you can edit it and read what I did. There are some other fullperm visitor scripts out there, but they are very old and use ranged based laggier scanning methods. This one uses a newer LSL command added in 2012 (so not so new actually) that scans by parcels, landowners, or regions. And there are configs in the script to change which of these it will use, as well as how often it will scan.

My included notecard about the script:

This is a free fullperm script to record all visitors to a parcel (or region).

Unlike most visitor recorders this is not based on range, but by parcel or region boundaries.

Names are only recorded once, no matter how often they visit, so this is not a traffic monitor.
The list will reset if the script is resaved or reset.

Names are listed back as profile links, for easy access to information about your visitors.

The owner can either touch the object with the script or say ‘list’ to see the list,
or optionally say ‘listPublic’ to send the list to public chat.

If anyone else touches the object it merely quietly reruns the scan. Otherwise it will scane every ‘scanHowOften’ seconds.

Simply place this script into any object and, as it is currently configured it will scan the current parcel every 20 seconds

You can edit the script and change how often it scans, or change it to scan the region or all parcels in the region owned by the same owner as the current parcel:
integer scanDistance = AGENT_LIST_PARCEL; // this parcel
nteger scanDistance = AGENT_LIST_PARCEL_OWNER; // parcels with the same owner
integer scanDistance = AGENT_LIST_REGION; // this region

Grab a free fullperms copy here:

And if you have any suggested modifications / improvements, let me know.

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