Bunny Needs a Boat… but what are my choices?


So now that I have some great water lands in both Keroo and Chloris, and a tiny spot in Nuba… I need boats.

Well I have a sailboat, and some of alts do too, but not Bunny. That got me on a tour of boating options and I’m finding this strangely difficult. Where are the reviews? Where are the opinions that say “this one is great, but that one is no good”?

Where is even the absolutely biased shopping blog that is about nothing but getting you to buy junk from merchants that are giving the blogger free stuff just so the blogger will never dare speak the truth? Some absolutely biased place like all those SL fashion blogs… I couldn’t even find that blog…

I know there’s an unspoken… well actually even spoken in some circles, rule in Second Life that forbids being honest about product.

So I’m on a bit of a hunt to find some good up to date sailing options.

That means it has to be mesh, it has to have a modern sailing engine, and it has to be low enough in Land Impact to be used even in small parcels like my Nuba plot where I have barely 40 land impact available. Preferably 32 and under – the old limit for SL vehicles.

While I’ve looked over quite a few options myself, what I’m really hoping to do with this is spark someone out there to start reviewing boats in general, or to at least put together a list of options.

– That’s a list of different boats by features, without review opinions. That’s about what I’ve been seeking right there.

Found this today:
– That introduces some of the major boats. I found that because I ran into a Nemo 3 vendor on a random mole build, and then googled Nemo3 to see if I could fix the locked camera… and that blog came up. It has a part 2:


As for myself, I already have the Loonetta, Bandit IF, and Boss 225V:

Today I took Bunny on a tour of some options. Well actually I went to grab screenshots, the other day I went out and tried all the demos of these.

I started with the Rene Marine 30 and Clever. They might be good. Though I did see some issues with one of the other boats at the shop:
Notice the water. I guess this was OK in the days before Advanced Lighting. I’ve seen a number of boats like this that hide the water with an invisiprim – something that was officially “broken” a few years ago. Invisiprims simply do not work if you have Advanced Lighting on.

Something more basic might be in order, and I really like the SweetPea from BanditBunnyNeedsABoat_005
But this one is kind of a weird sailing system. You can’t adjust the sails. It is a bit too beginner. But it is a bit fun. If you happen to try it out there is a very funny animation for ruining it and then repairing it set to the old theme music of Benny Hill.

The opposite extreme would be the Ktaba 20 MX:
I’ve demo’d it, a friend has it. It is very nice, but very race centered and tricky to use.

The Bandit 25 claims to be a racer also:BunnyNeedsABoat_010
But its actually rather easy to sail. Its just kind of plain on animations – unlike most boats from Bandit you can’t even get inside it and sit on any of the furniture. Granted that is the same as most boats. But this one visually looks like it has an explorable interior, so it comes as a surprise when you find out it isn’t.

Other than specific boats there are questions about the different systems they use.

I’ve encountered three different prominent wind systems in Second Life now, and I really don’t know how to judge their differences.

Bwind, WWC, and Bandit’s proprietary system BOSS. My first impression is that WWC is the way to go. Bwind is easy to ‘cheat’ – a simple command and you can set the wind to be coming from any direction you desire. That makes me feel that I’d be too tempted to get myself out of a spot by just changing the wind rather than learning to master Second Life sailing. BOSS on the other hand is a black box. A closed system of one shop, means you’re at the whims of that one designer. WWC is oddly the oldest of them, but if Ktaba is any indication it can do quite a lot when done right. I’d just need to see how it works with some other items.

I would love to see some opinions on these different systems, or even corrections where I have them wrong. So little is said in comparing them that I suspect a lot of people have the wrong ideas about them. An information blackout against honest critical reviews of product and systems helps no one…

Probably by the time any notable number of people read this, I will have found the choice I desire. So again this is all just about getting things flowing. Getting some information or maybe getting someone with more knowledge to start putting out the information on what boats are out there in Second Life, how they work, how they rate, and so on.

As to my water lands in Second Life, feel free to visit any of them, linked in the images below:

My spot of land in Keroo, at the source of the Zindra river that feeds the main coast:

Some water land off the coast of Satori, connected to Blake Sea:

A tiny spot in Nuba, deep in the river channels of Satori, Second Life’s oldest continent. I am not sure how long I will keep this spot:



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zzpearlbottom
    Mar 02, 2016 @ 05:43:16

    You can search for cybersculpts and visit pearl dreams marina near kl store, where you can find some free mesh boats that we made along the times:)


    • Pussycat Catnap
      Mar 02, 2016 @ 09:19:34

      I must admit to avoiding cybersculpts because of the name implying sculpty. They’re mesh?

      But that said – it is only by random chance that I knew of them. There’s no place reviewing all of this, and I just happened to see the name somewhere recently.


    • Pussycat Catnap
      Mar 02, 2016 @ 15:15:51

      I notice that your link there is the list of boats I’ve been looking for:


      Seems to cover a number of different builders.

      I also noticed that on your own brand, the 15LI Dingy – I can’t find it at the inworld location its listed as being sold at.


      • zzpearlbottom
        Mar 03, 2016 @ 05:01:03

        The Terry’s? I must check the gift box as i placed it there, but we are using our marina to build our latest project and maybe it went missing.

      • Pussycat Catnap
        Mar 03, 2016 @ 15:55:05

        Something I would say to any boat maker, much as I would to a house maker or a maker of any other item people plan to rez in world is demos. A temp rez demo thing that dies after X minutes, or even a demo that is badly textured and no copy that people can take and rez somewhere (BUT… bad-texture demos may be popular in SL fashion and skins – and this can HURT sales if they lead to the wrong impression. I avoided buying the skin I used to use before my current one for many months because the demo was half the resolution of the actual product… I thought the skin was blurry, finally relented because there are so few African tonal choices, and the product was nice, crisp, and amazing… (then that skin maker, Elysium, pulled almost all her non-white skins off market so I dumped her in protest and switched brands).

        But even if you just have them out and rezzed somewhere I & others could walk through – that’d be very helpful. Or one of those ‘rezzs for 5 minutes’ things you see in shops that sell houses – even if we couldn’t sail it, seeing it is better than guessing. But test sailing it is everything, and why I ended up buying two boats from Bandit yesterday…

  2. zzpearlbottom
    Mar 04, 2016 @ 11:00:18

    You do have our builds that we sold in rezzers or exposed. And i did add the terrys at our free box of gifts.


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