Second Life Mesh Avatar Bosom Comparison

Your avatar’s bosom is a very personal thing. Somewhere that gets a lot of attention and has a lot of self-identity wrapped around feeling naturally you. Only makes sense that getting a mesh body that looks “right” here can be very important.

This is also the area where the different mesh bodies seem to have the greatest amount of variation between brands. I have discarded more choices over how they conveyed this part of the anatomy than any other area. If it doesn’t look ‘right’, if it doesn’t move ‘right’ with avatar physics, it just isn’t me.

I’ve taken comparison screenshots of the bosoms of the Second Life fit-mesh avatars I own from the front and side, at the sizes of 30, 50, 75, and 100 in both ‘breast size’ and ‘buoyancy’.

I think it helps illustrate how different bodies perform.

This may help some in making choices between different mesh bodies.

Here you can see which of them ‘break’ at the larger extreme, as well as just how large each can get. I find that all but Belleza and The Mesh Project (TMP) break in the side view at much of these size ranges. And only those two brands plus Banned can handle size 30. While only those first two brands plus SalinA can handle size 100 (though SalinA at size 100 is comic-bookish, it still holds together the shape of its proper ‘design theory’).

All but the TMP one use an old freebie texture I used to give out, that is, well, too low quality to even be a freebie in today’s SL. TMP doesn’t allow people to make appliers for it unless they get on a very select approved list – no Omega system… so I had to use one of their appliers. It may look better, but that should be a massive red flag as it means you cannot use most skins you might want to use.

I’ve done the cheap texture for three reasons:

  • First in that I fully own it so I could hand it out to all my alts and anyone else who wants it for testing – letting me get a uniform look across all but TMP.
  • Second this texture doesn’t have anything in it to enhance the look of the bosom, so you can compare the the shape of the mesh itself, and not the tricks we all use to make it look better.
  • Third because it is not as ‘nice looking’ I’m hoping to avoid some of the common issues with SL Men who… have a very notable inability to control their own behavior upon seeing visuals of women… (as I noted recently in a post on my flickr, since rejoining SL Nudism, my mute list has been steadily gaining more and more male entries). Comments to this article from people who lack self-control will be moderated.

I’m putting this below a ‘fold’ so that people need to click in as the content is even more ‘in your face’ that the visuals in many of my other posts.

See below for some thumbnails, click them for the full sized images on flickr (because my blog’s stylesheet forces all images to no wider than 650 pixels).

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 30:

Size 30.jpg

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 30

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 50:

Size 50.jpg

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 50

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 75:

Size 75

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 75


Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 100:

Size 100

Mesh Bosom Chart At Size 100

You can get the skin I’ve used by simply asking me. I no longer distribute it in SL as it is very old and I feel new users should be pushed for going for quality as quickly as possible. The shape dials are of course as noted above. For the Belleza all of these shots are in the ‘natural’ bosom setting because the other two settings are generally unused (only one clothing maker supports one of the other dials, and that only recently for Freya, and a few months more for Isis, so only in a small few products).

If there are notable brands I have missed, I am open to including screenshots of them using this same skin (for consistency).

If you want to test brands with a varied set of physics dials, my free shapes for Belleza Freya and Isis include several different avatar physics packs to try.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. zzpearlbottom
    May 02, 2016 @ 08:45:49

    I was thinking in reducing my size, from the original 50 to 30, but Kl Lena’s perky only looks good higher then 35 and the 2 choices you show are both non mod and that is a no breaker:(


  3. zzpearlbottom
    May 02, 2016 @ 08:56:16

    Is the banned body mod as the kl?


  4. Pussycat Catnap
    May 06, 2016 @ 10:03:15

    Banned is no-mod. It has some very odd other issues, personally – so I never used it past the initial purchase on the alt I got it for.

    I settled on a no-mod body personally due to the lack of good options. Its frustrating and pointless (it doesn’t protect anything… it just annoys)…

    As for the whole appliers and so on – every texture you ever see in SL has its UUID stored in plain text as a filename in your viewer cache, right there on your hard-drive… so all of these protective schemes are pointless…


  5. zzpearlbottom
    May 16, 2016 @ 07:28:15

    I have to agree, not only is pointless, but making items no mod not only is contrarian of what Sl should be as building tool but also makes newcomers loose all the potential that modding allows, to improve their building skills.
    And i must add, Kl, not only has its mesh bodies, full mod, but also their hands and feet, latest of them, the tip toe mesh feet, 100pct compatible with any slink shoes or jewels:) So ill keep using it, even if it is not as lovely as belezza.


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