White America wants me out.

Mad as I can get today…

38% of America’s white population believe non-whites are less-evolved. Make no mistake, last night in the USA was a whitelash. White Power is back in vogue in the USA. Yes both Candidates were white – but this was a rebuke of Obama as much as Clinton, and it was an embracing of a Racial Supremacist as President.

It is white America telling the rest of us they’d rather we were dead. That’s not why everyone voted the way they did – but it is why those who voted for Trump did it. It is all over his message. You either embraced that hate, or you cared so little for people of color that that hate didn’t matter to you – which is the same thing.

These racist crackers don’t want the rest of us around. I’m just about fed up with them.

Their racism was so strong, that a majority of white women voted for a man who’s proud of his history of sexual assault, just to send a message to us. They sold us out.

This issue, whether you’re Black, Asian, Native American, LatinX, or a Mulatto mix of all of these like me; has put a target on all of us.


This BTW, is set to take a copy. copy/no-mod/trans

Racism, misogyny and religious intolerance have now been given a green light, and you need to understand that you will be under attack. You will be under attack from government policy. You will be under attack from the courts. You will be under attack from the police. You will be under attack on high school and college campuses. You will be under attack everywhere. Make no mistake: Donald Trump is as close to a strong-man fascist president as we’ve seen in our lifetime. And strong men don’t look for the middle; they demand everything they want.” – The Root

Solidarity is the key, if we’re ever going to stop them. It will take hard work even just to slow them down.

But don’t you dare try to tell me everything will work out and be OK, because it won’t;

“The upsetting part about last night wasn’t that democracy “died.” It’s that democracy worked. And the results showed that an overwhelming part of America does not want minorities here. This isn’t just another cyclical political party swing. It’s a loud and resounding message from white people telling minorities that we shouldn’t get too comfortable here. So yeah, we’re scared. And if you’re white, you don’t have to be. But please stop telling us that everything is going to be okay, because all signs point to “not okay.”


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  1. Stephanie Michelle
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 15:47:15

    I fully agree with your view about Trump and his followers being racist. But, remember, the popular vote went with Hillary. Also, what makes me shake my head in disbelief and my fist in anger are the facts that the black vote in Detroit went with Trump and many Hispanic voters all across the country went with Trump! I just don’t get it and never will. Those who voted for him deserve what they (and all of us) are going to get from this unfit Republican president backed by a Republican congress.

    May the Lord help as all.


    • Pussycat Catnap
      Nov 09, 2016 @ 21:46:37

      Where are the stats that non-whites went for Trump. I’ve googled this but I can’t find it.

      The closest I find is this:
      – The Hispanic one is up, The African American one is pretty low. The Hispanic one is actually not that confusing if you know our populations. First there are the established Cubans – that have always sides with an agenda against other Hispanics. Second in Latin America you have a similar and sometimes worse dynamic than in America. The white Spainards still forcibly sterilize women of my Native Ethnicity in Peru. White and Cuban Hispanics won’t explain a full 29%, but it will help explain the difference between the Hispanic and African American support.

      Another element of it is explained by something Conservative Christians go for a lot; many parts of the Hispanic community are deeply socially conservative.

      And Social Conservatives will vote against their own interests all the time if they think it will help to punish heretics…

      White Rednecks after all, have the same economic concerns as Inner City blacks – but they will burn their own house to the ground to keep a black man, who they seem to feel carries the curse of Ham (formerly official church doctrine for how black people got to be black – up until 1978 in some churches), from getting one better than it.

      A desire to control the morality of others will get people to betray their own kind.

      But when I factor this in with other social dynamics and who has power to oppress – I don’t see the same message in this that I see elsewhere. I do see a troubling message, but not the same one.


  2. Kat Feldragonne
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 19:26:24

    I’d like to believe ‘they know not what they do,’ but no. 😦


    • Pussycat Catnap
      Nov 09, 2016 @ 21:30:02

      The thing about that notion too is that even if it were true it is not enough.

      The harm that is done to others due to racism, sexism, and homophobia is too severe and too prevalent for excuses. If you, the generic white person in all of this, do not see racism, sexism, and homophobia – it is only because you are purposefully blinding yourself to having human empathy to the suffering of those around you.


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