The [racist] men in our lives… can shove it

Breaking the isolation of this blog to post what I put on the Sl forums today that got deleted:

This thread:


To the men in our lives…


To my white-passing stepfather that, once I became a teen; used to beat the crap out of me daily for no reason. The man who, before he went bad, gave me my moral compass.

To his drunken white father that abandoned him on the streets of a third world country after his Mayan mother died when he was a child, and just flew off to the states as if my eventual stepfather didn’t even exist.

To his older latino-passing brother that found him a few years later and brought him home to the states…

To my mother’s white stepfather that used to rape my aunt, and made a living selling hardcore drugs and pimping young women out on the streets of San Francisco – a dealer until it killed him.

To my mother’s actual father, a racist white man I barely knew.

To the white man who, a century and a half ago; gave my ‘white family’ African blood by raping a woman he claimed he owned…

To my white NCOIC in the military that referred to people like me, to me my face, as ‘little brown fuck machines’…

To the white sergeant that told me I had no business and no right to complain about a White Man.

To the white cops who arrested me before I was even old enough to go to kindergarten, after letting all the white kids go home…

To the Nazi SS officer who inspired a German woman I met, his daughter; to rebel and become a lifelong ‘Social Justice Warrior’ – in turn inspiring my outlook on life.


To my actual father; who after I came to live with him would vanish for weeks at a time, causing me to have to learn how to hustle to get by… and realize that failure wasn’t just a white thing…


To a random black guy who got out of the projects through nothing but the strength of his mind & with a story that resonated to my own, and found me in a bar in Asia; told me I was too smart to be giving up on things, and set me on the path to becoming an engineer.


I later learned to forgive and even cherish my stepfather again; after he got better and faced his inner demons. He may be the only reason I didn’t ‘give up’ on whites… seeing my abuser transform and return his core self.
– It is a complicated thing, but the same person who was one of the worst influences in my life was also one of the most positive influences. People are complex… and they go through stages… It would take me many articles to explain that particular dynamic…


– Good is always born in fire.

Until you’ve lived through evil, until you’ve walked through the flames and not burned up; you don’t know what the fight is even about.



I fully expect this one to make some people mad. Some folks, when seeing someone note that they’ve been harmed by racism, call that person racist for pointing it out… It is akin to calling the person that gets burned in a fire an arsonist for daring to yell ‘fire’…
– People like that can shove off…

I’ve also got a few more posts sitting in ‘drafts’ that I might publish that are not of this kind of tone. So this blog might come back… and if it does it will sometimes be SL specific, and sometimes be my viewpoint, and often both.

There’s some stuff that… folks don’t like me saying… and which they have decided they will simply not let me say inside of the SL sphere of control. But it’s still there to be said…



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  1. drake1nightfire
    Nov 21, 2019 @ 03:13:27

    /me opens his arms and offers a hug.. As often and for as long as you need.
    I stood in the flames for a very long time. Until i had the courage to stand up and tell my parents what was happening. 35 years later and a phone call from him at the holidays still makes my heart freak out and panic set in. Thankfully, my wife and kids are there.


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