I’m Pussycat Catnap and this is my blog about my impressions and experiences of Second Life. The primary purpose of this blog is to serve as bait to try and get some of you people to reach out to me in Second Life – where I’m always looking to get to know more folks.

I originally came to Second Life in 2006, for all of a few short days during a strange bug that made everything look gray and confusing. Thinking it was my computer’s fault, I left and didn’t come back until I bought a new computer in 2009.

Since returning I’ve been a dedicated neko, sometimes feline-furry, frequently on a rabbit-furry alt or sometimes a rare human alt. I’ve owned land in Second Life for most of that time, and had a few fun builds here and there.

I’m a mostly non-commercial user of Second Life. While I have a marketplace shop its not really active. Rather I spend my time socializing, building, and trying to help people who are lost or new to Second Life. I’m fairly friendly and usually approachable if people talk to me – but I do tend to ignore random friend invites from people I have never met.

I am a Progressive liberal, Mulato-Asian, and quite active in politics both in SL and RL. Putting me together with Libertarians or Conservatives is like putting a match to gunpowder – it never ends well.

I am Rastafari, ideologically and faith similar to the Twelve Tribes way.

The phrase ‘social justice warrior‘ is a fitting description of me, and something I view as a compliment as who would not value things like equal rights and justice for everyone? Think about that for a second, and consider that anyone who is NOT a social justice warrior might want to do some soul searching.

I am often an SL-Nudist, though I also go through rather reserved phases. I am NOT a naturist in that I do not try to pretend nudity is not sensual when it very much is, but I also do NOT engage in sensual conduct in SL.

In Second Life I can usually be found as:
Pussycat Catnap | Bunny Gearz | Reggae
You can see my journey in Secondlife on my flickr gallery.
And some recent reflections in: Changes over the years… Journeying through myself.”


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  1. Deson Bowenford
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 12:14:20

    Hi there. I had posted a reply in another blog concerning your problems with a tail wag script in IW. I would like to ask a favor of you. The next time you log into IW could you please send me a copy of the script that you tried. Even if it’s in for 30 seconds or so. I’d like to try playing with it and seeing if either I (Or others) can figure out what’s going on. I’m mostly a “plug and pray” scripter and therefore make no guarantees as far as success goes. Knowing my luck I’d end up with a motionless tail that wags me! (chuckle). I would need the script to be full perm please so that if I manage to get it working I can send it to you.

    Feel free to delete this if you desire afterwards.

    Take care,
    Deson Bowenford.


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