Forum Confuddlement and Escaping from an Infohub


There’s been something fishy going on in the SL-forums of late that I seem to be clueless about. A member of the ‘in-crowd’ quit in protest it appears, and the other members of the ‘in-crowd’ are outraged over something that I think I missed seeing.

They’ve taken it to the feeds page of, mostly on Rodvik’s feed I think. But again I’m lacking the full picture and it just seems kind of peculiar. I’ve tried reading some of the proof links they’re posting, and come away still confused.

Am I out of the infohub business yet?

I dunno. Most mornings as I’m readying RL-me for the struggles of the day, I log in and check up on SL-me’s overnight messages.

The middle of the night seems to be when people who are prone to MP-delivery failures like to visit my shop there… For some reason MP failures never happen during the daytime for me.

Plus my meeroos only breed at 3am.

And half my friends only speak to or IM me when I’m offline, even if I see them online at the same time as me…

So there I am most mornings, in a quick log in to catch up. This is kind of a bad idea. Like how I’ve read you shouldn’t listen to the news until your commute -home-. Morning radio: listen to sappy love songs and NPR interviews of authors of books you want to but never will read because you work for a living and don’t have that kind of time anymore… (/sigh).

Right -after- I logged out this morning, I refreshed email, and saw about 5 mails of ‘your lootz inworld have been returned to your lost and found folder by ‘random person’ due to parcel auto-return.

– it looks like somebody finally bought my lot in Isabel sim.

This is one more of those lots I had ‘always wanted’ – a lot on the same sim as both an infohub and a popular hangout. OMG who wouldn’t want that?

Well… me. But only figured that out after I got it and had it for a while.

To be fair this lot was my most popular place inworld, and my objects there got the most clicks (yeah, my signs send me a note when they get used – that’s not so much snooping, as it is; is this performing, should I move it or change it?).

BUT… In the year and a half I owned that lot, not one item for sale there ever sold. Not even the freebies.

Now we get into that debate: is having a shop that never sells anything still a good idea if it increases brand awareness?


But is it worth 1500m of tier to have it, on a sim so laggy you often can’t rez anything…

It took me a while to decide that even though that spot was in the Destination Guide, it wasn’t helping me, and I didn’t have the energy to keep it for those it was helping. New folks clicked on my guide signs… but just not enough of them. I’d started noticing that traffic on my blog’s “getting started in SL” entry went up more when I was active in the blogs and forums, not when the land that was the inworld intro for that blog was getting visits.

I’m not sure who land in an infohub sim is good for, but I’ve figured its not good for me.

The infohub folks don’t like stepping out of the hub, not even by the 20m distance to reach where my lot was or the others that are even closer across the road.

The other spot, the busy club, The Shelter – one of the best places in SL for new folks… was just too good at keeping its newbies inside its doors. And eventually it started rezzing helpful signs to places with classes, so I kinda lost a purpose for my lot.

So hopefully, that lot did sell. 🙂

Guess I’ll find out tonight.

All those signs to help newbies… I put copies of them up in my lot on the PG-side of Bay City a while back anyway… That spot is -not- in the Destination guide (that I know), but if I feel a need to funnel newbies somewhere now, its a better choice anyway – less lag, and more things in nearby sims for them to explore.

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