Second Life Mesh Avatar Bosom Comparison

Your avatar’s bosom is a very personal thing. Somewhere that gets a lot of attention and has a lot of self-identity wrapped around feeling naturally you. Only makes sense that getting a mesh body that looks “right” here can be very important.

This is also the area where the different mesh bodies seem to have the greatest amount of variation between brands. I have discarded more choices over how they conveyed this part of the anatomy than any other area. If it doesn’t look ‘right’, if it doesn’t move ‘right’ with avatar physics, it just isn’t me.

I’ve taken comparison screenshots of the bosoms of the Second Life fit-mesh avatars I own from the front and side, at the sizes of 30, 50, 75, and 100 in both ‘breast size’ and ‘buoyancy’.

I think it helps illustrate how different bodies perform.

This may help some in making choices between different mesh bodies.

Here you can see which of them ‘break’ at the larger extreme, as well as just how large each can get. I find that all but Belleza and The Mesh Project (TMP) break in the side view at much of these size ranges. And only those two brands plus Banned can handle size 30. While only those first two brands plus SalinA can handle size 100 (though SalinA at size 100 is comic-bookish, it still holds together the shape of its proper ‘design theory’).

All but the TMP one use an old freebie texture I used to give out, that is, well, too low quality to even be a freebie in today’s SL. TMP doesn’t allow people to make appliers for it unless they get on a very select approved list – no Omega system… so I had to use one of their appliers. It may look better, but that should be a massive red flag as it means you cannot use most skins you might want to use.

I’ve done the cheap texture for three reasons:

  • First in that I fully own it so I could hand it out to all my alts and anyone else who wants it for testing – letting me get a uniform look across all but TMP.
  • Second this texture doesn’t have anything in it to enhance the look of the bosom, so you can compare the the shape of the mesh itself, and not the tricks we all use to make it look better.
  • Third because it is not as ‘nice looking’ I’m hoping to avoid some of the common issues with SL Men who… have a very notable inability to control their own behavior upon seeing visuals of women… (as I noted recently in a post on my flickr, since rejoining SL Nudism, my mute list has been steadily gaining more and more male entries). Comments to this article from people who lack self-control will be moderated.

I’m putting this below a ‘fold’ so that people need to click in as the content is even more ‘in your face’ that the visuals in many of my other posts.

See below for some thumbnails, click them for the full sized images on flickr (because my blog’s stylesheet forces all images to no wider than 650 pixels).

Height Check Drama… don’t put that on me…

How tall is your avatar? I obsess about my own avatar’s dimensions, but when was the last time I banned or ejected you for yours? I will offer ‘unsolicited advice’ to bloggers who are showing off fashion if they do so on badly proportioned shapes – but I don’t “height police” anyone…

Notice the height thing on the shape says 1.49m – that is Agent Height. The prim is 1.651, or 5’5″.
Agent height is just the height to your eyes, by the way – I used to give out a free scripted height meter – and I used a formula to fill in the rest. But of course this was flawed. As I learned how shapes work, I realized that many dials will alter the distance from your eyeline to the top of your head. That is why you just see a regular prim next to me here.

An alt of mine with the same height was recently auto-banned out of a sim for being “too short”.

People tell me the folks like me who have “too-scale” avatars are ‘height pushy’ (they use a less polite term) or ‘height police’… but we’re not the ones banning folks for having a height that, at 5’5″, is actually taller than many of us are in real life.

Furthermore, note that my avatar has a rather large bosom. True of both this alt and my usual avatar. I know that. I’m sure everyone who sees me in SL also notices it. So… consider that another flaw of automated ban systems… No child has a bosom like that.

So don’t ever go calling supposedly ‘short’ avatars the ones with an attitude issue in SL… We’re not the ones giving other people trouble for no rational reason.

Height Ejector: You have been teleported home because your avatar is less than 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall according to its bounding box information. We do this in order to prevent child avatars …

Please be aware that some viewers report height differently in their appearance editors. If you are using the Linden viewer, your height would need to be at least 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall according to its appearance editor. For Firestorm and some of the other viewers, at least 1.7 meters (5 feet, 7 inches). Also ensure there is nothing childlike about your avatar’s appearance.

“Police” – that word means enforcement. So don’t dare call people who have a different shape than you the ‘height police’ when they aren’t doing you any harm, especially if you happen to be one of these places banning people…

As to the actual venue – it wasn’t a loss. Once I read where I was tossed out of. This was a day where I was bored and teleporting to ‘green dots’ just to see if I could find a new hangout or two and I managed to land in a male only race-exploitation sex club… So yeah… no loss for me. But the rationale bugs me… they actually HAD reasons to toss me, but this wasn’t one of them.

Review – The Solarian Fitmesh Feline Furry Avatar from Blue Galaxy

Solarian Dancing - Front View
Solarian by Blue Galaxy (Ash Soyinka)
Base: 800L
Feline Legs: 200L
Dev Kit: 0L (1L that is paid back to you)

This is something radically new – a full body fitmesh furry avatar.

Full body: This is the whole thing, from head to toe. It comes as one linked piece. No seams. Ok, two linked pieces if you get the legs – which you should. But still no seams with the legs.

Fitmesh: Shape dials work all over this thing. Most of the dials will adjust what they should. Facial dials don’t work because the fitmesh standard never covered them. But you can adjust things like headsize. Foot size works with the ‘plantigrade legs’ that comes with the body, but NOT with the addon digitigrade legs that are needed to be a proper feline.

Furry: Yeah. This one is a furry and sometimes I go furry. This is probably the best furry ever seen in Second Life and so I am going to try and explain just why that is in the review that follows. There is so much that is “right” about this avatar that the things that are wrong are quite forgivable. Though I will cover both.

So, here is the body from the front:
Solarian Front View of Genders
Wait… so… 3 genders or something… yeah. Note that the male is missing something obvious. You’ll have to get that on the ‘mods market’ as so far Blue Galaxy has not supplied it as an addon. That said I did see one example of the item in question on Marketplace when I searched for “Solarian” and then just went into the right category.
– This lack though, makes me wonder what that third gender is supposed to represent.

Here is the body from the back:
Solarian Back View of Genders
This is the same pose as that which I used for my Belleza review, for you to compare. Oh and the shape… is almost the exact same shape. So this is my Belleza shape for Freya, that you can get as a freebie, with some tweaks to the butt, saddle bags, and Love Handles to make the curves fit my style, and Leg muscle set to 50 as I set it on Isis (I lower it on freya to reduce the curve a bit).
– I’m telling you this because yet again a mesh body maker using shapes that detract from the beauty of the avatar… The one that comes with this is a lot better than the one that comes with Belleza, but it still had some issues, namely T-rex arms and way too big of a bottom compared to the top.

Here is the difference between nude and covered:
Solarian - Bits Uncovered vs Covered
This is triggered via the alpha HUD, oddly enough. Not shown in these images is that the upper and lower parts are fully modeled mesh on the female, and there is a ‘dimple’ where the anal cavity would be as well.

The basic Solarian package comes with:

  • 3 bodies (female, male, “femboy”) – you get all 3 in one purchase.
  • 1 HUD for alpha cuts and 8 included colors for each of eyes and body. Eyes can be done individually.
  • A “Readme” notecard you better read because you will be shocked at what is in it… (see below – this is a MAJOR part of what makes this avatar something radical).
  • A landmark to the store.
  • An ‘undeformer’ I have been unable to get to work. This causes some issues I will note below.
  • An outfit that is a lace female top and lace panties for the female or “femboy”. But no male clothing.
  • A shape file that I recommend just putting into a backup folder and forgetting about.

Missing are the cat legs, Digitigrade because I have no idea… the cat furry avatar ships with human legs (plantigrade, google it to learn how wrong this choice is), and the cat legs are a 200L addon, instead of the logical other way around.

With and Without the cat legs looks like this:
Solarian Legs - Plantigrade vs the Digitigrade Addon

Also… get the developer kit sold right next to the body. It says 1L, but it will pay you back 1L when you buy it… so just get it…

Once loaded the Solarian is absurdly lightweight:

Draw Weight:
Female: 6476 (5285 on plantigrade)
Male: 6220 (4836 on plantigrade)
Femboy: 6434 (5170 on plantigrade)

Script Usage:
Body: 48kb
Digitigrade Legs: 16kb

So… that is so low it makes you really wonder. I had to turn down my LOD setting and cam out…
My avatar got too small to see BEFORE she lost her shape… In other words, very high detail, WITHOUT driving up Draw Weight. And those 48kbs… They’re handling full eye, ear, tail, and mouth animation at a level of variety GREATER than furry avatars I have bought that needed 15mbs to do these things…

This thing is so lightweight and low on lag it feels like I am speeding SL up by logging into it… (being silly here… to try and hammer home the point that this avatar is done amazingly right on these points).

If everybody in SL decided to toss out their current avatars and switch to Solarians, lag would be the thing of the past. Other builders should start taking notes when they get this avatar. They should get it to learn something…

Oh and, remember how editing Belleza would freeze up my system… Edit this:
Solarian - Moddable and Lightweight
– what you don’t see in the screen shot is that this is like editing a single solo prim on an empty sim. No issues. And I’m right there in the texture box where I can start “messing with things”. IN fact I can go to the body, rez it, and start unlinking parts and putting new ones on. A Modder’s happy place.

12 land impact when rezzed:
Solarian - 12 Land Impact When Rezzed for Modding
Nice. I could have rezzed this in my old 256m plot of land.
PS: unlinking the tail and wearing it on a human body works, but the deformer is in the tail and it will make your human shape look very strange… so you can do it, but it will look horrible, or comical – depending on your mood I guess. πŸ™‚

Now we’re going to start getting to some less positive aspects…

The HUD is… limited.

The HUD comes in two parts, one for coloring and one for Alphas. You’ll use the coloring one to pick your fur. Do note that it is unusual for a Furry Avatar to give you all of the color choices in one normal priced purchase. As I will note below, you also get the PSD’s for the texture pattern in a download link.

Though they are good I didn’t like ANY of the choices, so I grabbed a different one on Marketplace:
Solarian Cheetah by Llweyndwell
This is by “Aten’Ka [Sun Soul]”
Llweyndwell, the owner of that brand, is doing such amazing work that I recommend budgeting in the purchase of one of the skins from Llweyndwell to the avatar price BEFORE buying the avatar. πŸ™‚

Solarian Eye and Fur Color HUD Tab
That said the eyes that come with it are really nice, so I’m still using one of those presets. And you can set a different color for each eye (heterochromia)

So… the real HUD you’ll need is the ALpha HUD, and it frankly isn’t that good:
Solarian Alpha HUD Tab
Now this is kind of forgivable because this is a furry avatar with a rather different body shape. Even if you could alpha things most regular clothing won’t work well. That has NOT stopped people from trying though. That said… this MIGHT be one reason why this avatar is so lightweight. Then again this HUD is about as detailed as that of the Lena Lush body, and that body is actually very heavy on draw weight (but gets light if you edit it and delete the tattoo and clothing layers).
– My thinking here is that with so few alpha cuts, there are less pieces to this avatar. And less stuff, if that stuff is done right, tends to also means less burden on the system.

So… if most of the clothing you will wear will have to have been made FOR this avatar, the alpha cuts are not as important. It would be very nice to have more of them, but I suspect the community will adapt around that limit on this one.

Also… if you have fullperms on your fur texture, you can edit it in photoshop, make your own alpha channel there, and upload the texture for a custom alpha cut…

And guess what… you do. Remember that notecard?

The Notecard with all the stuff in it:
The readme notecard is kind of short and useless, until you get to the dropbox link. download that file… It’s a .rar which is a kind of zip techies like that confuses the heck out of normal people. Macs understand it these days, not sure if PCs do or if you need to get some special program to open it.

But inside of it… are “PSD” files for the textures that came with the avatar, and a blender file that is a template for clothing makers and modders to use to make stuff. People are already turning out mods thanks to this.
Downloables Contents
You can open “PSD” files in Photoshop, or GIMP:
Gimp is free by the way…

So is Blender is you think you want to take on messing with that blender file… most of the mesh in SL is either made in Blender, or prepped for use in SL with Blender.
– But that is an application that will take a lot of dedication to master.

Inside the Digitigrade Leg addon’s folder, is a similar notecard with a similar file you can download, that has similar features to it.

So this avatar really opens up right out of the gate with ease to modify and support for content makers.

What layers? There are no layers for layer based clothing. That said there is already one modder on Marketplace who has managed to make a layer based leotard…

Nope, not here. But Omega is kind of pointless here anyway. No UV maps from anything else will work with this avatar. Its a very different avatar, and it has a free dev kit.

Clothing Support:
Mostly it has to be made for this avatar. There is a growing list of clothing for the avatar, and most of that is being done as copy/mod so you can tailor it to your needs, and there is even a body of people putting out texture mods to other people’s clothing creations.

Some rigged mesh items will be able to fit – but be very careful to demo and test your AO out with it when you try this.

The avatar does come with some fullperms fitted mesh clothing:
Solarian included fullperms fitted mesh clothes

If you’re looking for more stuff for this avatar, just search Marketplace for “Solarian”.

Customer Support
Its pretty thin at this point. Blue Galaxy has an active mod community and the Blue Galaxy sim is a semi-active place that even has what look like roleplay spots. But much of this is devoted to their older avatar. You would have to ask around to find people to talk with. While the avatar’s dev kit comes with a link to a documentation website, it is a google doc’s page, and not a support portal.
The Blue Galaxy group:
Does not appear to be in active use. At least it has no notices in it. But it might be a place to start.



  • A fitmesh furry – this is in itself something long overdue and highly welcome.
  • Mod permissions – a breath of fresh air to have a mod fitmesh body. There are a few others, but each time I see one it is a very welcome sight.
  • Very lightweight low lag avatar
  • Visual appeal – this avatar is just very nice to look at, and animated very well.
  • Most of the skin makers seem to be including for the digitigrade legs in their applier as one purchase.
  • 8 fur colors and 8 eye colors in the base purchase. PLUS the PSD (photoshop / Gimp) file in a download link.
  • Included clothing is fullperms. Modkits already exist for it. The first and last images in this review show me wearing it with a bikini-mod kit I grabbed.


  • Selling the cat legs to a cat furry as an addon. This is just baffling.
  • Not as many cuts in the alpha HUD as would be desired
  • Newness means not as much stuff out for it as I would like. I’m hoping that changes soon.
  • Activating the adult bits on the avatar is done by clicking the alpha for those spots on the alpha HUD. Hiding the body in those spots is done the same way… its all in how many times you click the spot, and you’re not paying attention you can get the wrong result…

So in these images I am wearing:
*booN CIZ626 hair black/chocolate/purple – Chocolate modded with Red color.

I am using the big bosom shape from my Belleza Proportionate Shapes Freebie:
Because this avatar is fitmesh, unlike other furries you don’t need to dial your head into all kinds of weird numbers and then wear a giant prim over the result. πŸ™‚

ON*SU Starter Apartment
I’m standing by the closet of this home, only sold on Marketplace:
I reduced the size of this already small home to about 83% of its original because I’m obsessed with being ‘too-scale’.

The Pose Stand is my own freebie, but the pose is not in that freebie, and was from “Ran Peccable” / “taisaya AO”:

And the Solarian Body (800L) is from Blue Galaxy:

The Solarian Digitigrade Legs (200L) are also of course from Blue Galaxy

My skin is from “Aten’Ka [Sun Soul]” for 450L:

In the nude pics using the Cheetah skin I also used:
Solarian – Nipples and Bits – Naturals
– Because they just looked a little nicer. But its a close call.

I have done two other cat furry reviews in the past, that you can look at as a sort of “how far have we come” experience:

In my opinion… this Solarian is the only furry on the market anyone should consider right now. Mod it to other animals… but start here. It is fitted mesh after all. πŸ˜›

Solarian Dancing - Rear View

Mesh clothes don’t care if you’re tall or short, thick or thin. They care about stretch of bust-waist-hips

Sept 18, 2015 Edit: Obviously fitmesh bodies are the clothing made for them are an exception to this. As to regular fitmesh on the default avatar – for some reason I have as yet been unable to find any that actually fits…

I keep seeing this over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again… πŸ™‚

Something like this:

The […] standard sizes are ridiculous. Oddly, they seem to have decided that [large are fat][small are skinny][etc]. I wonder if those who created the β€œstandards” ever [assorted complaints]

This is because the person concerned is reading a word the way say, men use it when they shop in the real world.

Mesh clothing works a little more like a lot of T-Shirts do, and a lot of women’s cloths. Where a size small means you’re skinny, and a size large means you really don’t need to stop at Burger King on the way home tonight.

Think of it like this, using the standard sizes:

XXS: Michael Jackson would have done a concert to feed you.
XS: You look thin
S: You’re fit.
M: You shop in the plus size section.
L: You have reserved seating at the local Fried Chicken joint.

And just bump those one position for men, since male STandard sizes go from XS to XL. Male XL is basically female L.

You could still be taller than Abe Lincoln, or Shorter than Mini-Me. It just don’t matter.

Look at the standard sizes program, notice how it only seems to care about a few certain dails:

Body Fat
Torso Muscle
Breast Size
Love Handles
Belly Size
Leg Muscle
Butt Size
Saddle Bags

Body Fat
Belly Size
Torso Muscle
Love Handles
Leg Muscle
Butt Size
Saddle Bags

Notice what’s not in there?

Height. Having T-Rex arms or legs. Your neck. Your head. Your ‘thickness’ dial.

Why? Cause mesh doesn’t care. These are scale dials, or for the head – would not be important unless you wanted to buy a mesh ski-mask to go rob the local stop-n-rob in Bay City (hey I own that shop…)

There are only two dials that matter for mesh that are -NOT- in the lists above; Breast Buoyancy and Cleavage. If you don’t know why – you’ve never touched real boobies… πŸ™‚

So if you’re tall and thin, and you looked at Standard Sizes and thought “this is broken”… go try the XXS or XS size. That’s probably you.

Mesh fits a -LOT- more people than some think. Many who feel it doesn’t fit them are in fact within the zone of commonly used settings.

The deformer won’t help these folks. If they grab a ‘large’ mesh and deform it to their tall but thin avatar – it will be a mess of nasty triangles poking out. They need a small mesh, because they’re thin.

Some folks waiting for the deformer, will be in an EVEN WORSE MESS once it gets here, because they “never read the manual.” These folks just need to learn what mesh does effect, and then they can find existing items that are close. And the deformer will just take that close and get closer. It won’t turn a circle into a square folks – it will take a square and bevel it.

Standard Sizing Package For mesh Clothing Design; Good or Bad Idea, or a Bit of Both?

Still need to do some edits to this… There’s a lot of argument (hardly debate, more rantish most of the time) against the ideas of standard scales and proportions for avatars. Folks often pick a horridly distorted shape, or make one for sale; and then become attached to defending that choice when made aware of its problems. Others choose a ‘fun-house mirror look’ on purpose, for effect – but these folks tend to actually know what they’re looking at, and have purposeful distortions designed for a specific intent.

Various arguments have formed over what can be done, or even if anything should be done, to address this.

Mesh now complicates the whole feud – due to the lack of its ability to ‘auto fit’ some shape dials, while perfectly matching others… Or in short; mesh will auto size itself to any height, limb length, or body width. But if your ‘bust-waist-hips’ fail to match the model used to make the mesh clothing, you’re out of luck.

Go shopping for mesh clothes and you’ll discover that this is rapidly dissolving into exactly the chaos people predicted when they warned of the problems of Linden Lab not including a deformer… There’s a motley variety of dimensions to clothes on the market, and the labels are near meaningless. Small from brand A is ‘the fat lady sings’ in the eyes of brand B… And even if two brands match for waist and hips, they might have very different ideas of bust…

I’ve read a little bit on the idea of starting a standard, and have been somewhat critical of it in past topics. Still not convinced, for some reasons noted below. But it also may be the only real solution we have unless and until Linden Lab decides to grace us with the “gift” of including the code community members had to fund a third party contractor former Lab employee to make without any guarantees it would even be adopted… That deformer… the sort of thing that really should have been a ‘cannot ship mesh without’ line in the sand element. This is the kind of lack of core feature that in most development communities, management should have laid down the law and put people’s jobs on the line to get in there before Mesh was released.

I’m ranting…

Ok, so, the above in mind, I stumbled across something interesting last night while looking for a completely different thing on Marketplace (I was looking for an SL version of a Bobo Shanti turban hat for a female Rastafarian – which is NOT those touristy hippie tam things – and that somehow landed me here after giving up on search and just hitting a few random browse buttons.)

Someone on marketplace is attempting to develop a standard sizes fashion system. 5 sizes based on these dimensions:

Body Fat: 11
Torso Muscle: 38
Breast Size: 58
Love Handles: 31
Belly Size: 6
Leg Muscle: 56
Butt Size: 44
Saddle Bags: 36

Body Fat: 7
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 52
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 3
Leg Muscle: 50
Butt Size: 38
Saddle Bags: 33

The ‘package’ is a freebie with 5 shapes, that I assume have those numbers alongside the other values – the notion being that you just need to stay close to the dimensions here and any mesh clothes made for it will fit you.

It also comes with a long notecard explaining the objectives of the project, which seems a very noble goal. Some anticipated concerns are answered, such as ‘what if my shape doesn’t match these numbers’.

Finally, it has a download link to a zip file of some mesh objects – bodies to load into a 3D application to use for building clothes to match.
– I need to learn how one takes the SL avatar mesh out of SL and into a 3D app, to see how this part was done.

– The problem is they have 3 sizes under M, and only 1 above it; which is way above it. Some of the reviews on Marketplace have slammed the project for this. I would say it needs at least 1 more size in between M and L.

Note how the dimensions are basically bust-waist-hips related. Not height. Also not ‘Thickness’. That’s because mesh doesn’t care about height or limb length or avatar thickness; it rescales to those automatically, but not to these other things.

But it is missing cleavage which is extremely important. That said, its something that in RL adjusts depending on what you wear anyway, so no one has any business complaining a clothing item fails to match their cleavage setting, unless they’ve never seen a real woman’s body. πŸ˜‰
– Honestly no ‘breast’ setting should seen as something to get attached to. Its the nature of wearing or not wearing clothes that it ‘mashes up’ the soft tissue there. Folks just need to get used to changing the dials for that part of the body to fit their outfit, because anytime you put something on in RL, that’s exactly what happens to you.

The standard sizes ‘team’ claims to have surveyed 500 female avatars, but I see no link to a blog or to the survey for it to be checked for accuracy. While 500 is a valid sample size (anyone who has actually studied polling at a university level knows this) – the question that is more important is how were they selected… Again, never saw any forum post or group notice or blogs announcing it. But maybe I just missed them. So the product should link to them.

Curiously M and S are very similar to my own dimensions for those parts.


Body Fat: 3
Torso Muscle: 37
Breast SIze: 50
Love Handles: 29
Belly Size: 0
Leg Muscles: 50
Butt Size: 45
Saddle Bags: 30
– So I’m going to test some items made with this system and see how well it works for me.

I’m also wondering now if my avatar has a bit of a ‘bubble butt’ on other people’s screens… πŸ™‚

Almost every shape setting not listed above (again except for cleavage) DOES NOT MATTER for mesh. This means two people can be the same “size” on this system but actually have completely different ‘shapes’.

I’m also of the opinion that for standard sizes they should have used dimensions from the real life fashion industry for some top brands, and not SL. Second Life avatars are notorious for being deformed monstrosities… πŸ™‚ Something to help people look better would be good.

Something like perhaps, a Proportion guide, if not fashions with sizes based on the variety real life fashion designers contend with.

Addendum from a comment I left on the nwn blog:
SL of a year from now will likely be something very alien to the SL of today. Mesh frees up a lot of past limits.

Right now folks are paying most of their attention to clothes and avatars, because that’s “sexy”.

Things like tears, ‘male bits’, hair, feet, tails, ears, and so on will bring dramatic changes even for ‘non-furries’.

But the big shock is going to come when things that you rez on the land get a serious looking at – since those need to consider prim cost, and the prim cost of a mesh is set by its -SIZE- when rezzed.

The smaller you make it, the less prims it uses.

And that will cycle us right back into discussions about things for avatars: since mesh items worn on avatars -AUTO- scale up or down regardless of avatar scale – the need to be the size the item was made for now no longer exists (you just need to have the bust-waist-hips it was made for).

– And that too will go away if we either adopt some standards like this project, or Qarl’s code makes it in. Hopefully Qarl’s code will make it in.

But do get ready to make your avatar smaller… because pretty soon that’s going to be coming up as a hot topic again when this discovery of how size affects prim cost becomes more widespread. I predict lots of flame wars, a few accusations of ‘techno-communist-child-avatar-agendas’ and other irrational insanity… but once people realize they can wear all their mesh clothes on any size, many will likely just go with the size that lets them have the most prims on their land – not for the reasons of scale so often advocated in past, but simply so they can more fully fill up things like the space of a linden home.

Your birth cert name is more fake than your pseudonym.

Super rare of me to make two blog posts in a single day (not sure if I ever have) but here I go.

Going to comment on all this crazy anti-pseudonym stuff with Facespam and Google-.

There’s this notion that you need to be tied to the birth certificate name to be held accountable. An example I read today over on the comments at New World Notes pointed out two local newspapers. One with hostile anonymous instant handle based names, the other with civil Facespam tied names. I have no idea what newspapers those were so no ability to verify the comment. I’m just writing in the general sense of the ‘perception’ related to that comment.

Yes anonymous commenting can lead some people to become cyber-bullies. Some people just are bullies.

The official SL forums have gone through a spate of perma-bans in recent months clearing out such people. There used to be a long list of people there who would start ‘leading threads’ to trigger a dispute, rudely correct spellings grammar via personal attacks carefully phrased to appear to be taking a high road, demean new posters, and so on. Almost all of them are now banned. Somehow the moderators there avoided banning folks who got rude but only in response.

I’m reminded of that because it contradicts what I was originall going to write, and the notion suddenly popped into my head.

I wanted to say that, even ‘anonymous avatars’ learn to watch how they behave over time as the avatar consolidates into an identity…

This is the difference between your local paper that lets any old username, and the Facespam/Google- one. The Facespam one is not more civil because it ties to birth certificates (thus why Facespam banned Salman Rushdie until he took them to task for it), but because that forum requires a consolidated identity.

Once people form an identity around a username, it becomes as much a predictor of character as tying them to the birth cert. Actually, it becomes a -MORE- reliable predictor…

A consolidated anonymous identity reveals your true nature. A birth cert identity reveals your censored public face identity.

This is why some people have such intense attachment to their Second Life avatar. When in Second Life, they can express themselves how they truly would like to be, if free of some of he contraints of modern life or limits of their physical presence.

Second Life is that hippie ‘free to be you and me’ utopia/dystopia (because the hippies were wrong and we don’t all actually have ‘flower child’ inside of us at the core – personally I’m allergic to anything floral, real or analogous like a group hug).

A pure anonymous unconsolidated handle just reveals your stream of consciousness at that moment. Its that random ‘couch surfing yelling at the TV’ voice. Anyone who’s lived with a Jock-wannabe knows this voice. πŸ˜‰

My problem with this stance jumps back to what I said about the forums. Some people over time come out with a consolidated bullying nature. They reveal just how ugly they are on the inside by being hurtful over and over again towards others.

They might likely still do this if tied to a birth-cert name, or they might not.

But I would wager that there is vastly greater value in letting people consolidate their true inner selves into an identity that can consistently express that inner nature than there is in just having them show their accepted public face. The ‘public face’ identity is of very little value for actual discourse. Its even of spurious value for ‘marketing’ – it doesn’t really tell you what they person wants to buy / have sold to them. Its just a front.

There is the small cost of “unmasking” people who are just not nice, weighed against the great gain of true insight into what people desire, think, and feel. It is actually rather short-sighted of these ‘data mining’ companies like Facespam and Google- to want the ‘public mask’ instead of the true heart of their customers.

Just because you can’t tie the identity to a ‘meat body’ somewhere, does not mean you can’t sell to it. In fact you can probably better sell to it when it feels a sense of safety over what it buys.

And as for friends, do you want to have friends that pretend to identify with you, or ones that really grasp what you feel? We can get the ones who pretend to identify with us in physical life all we want by going to the local chat-up spot and getting hit on or hitting on others. Only online through deeply consolidated identities can we get those who really grasp what’s in our hearts.

Your birth cert name is more fake than your pseudonym.

In re to Hamlet’s article on Reddit.

I wrote just last week on my own blog about how I think pseudonyms are more ‘real’ for us than birth certificate names.

With your ‘birther name’ – the one on your ID, you’re constrained to the limits of your physical reality. Class, gender, age, geography, politics, family, peer, and work social pressures, oppressive government pressures (lets face it, the Arab spring would have gotten 3 feet out the door and hit a bullet if not for anonymity), and so on.

Pseudonyms let us express ourselves how we truly feel on the inside; it allows us to be ‘free of the shackles that bind us into conformity with the dictates of Babylon.’ πŸ˜€

Pseudonyms today in 2012 freak out the powers that be as much as ‘freedom of the press’ did the powers that be in the 1700s. They will kill en mass to stop this, if they can get away with it.

They’ve learned in much of the world to live with a free press – because they learned the tool of propaganda. A free press today is the tool of repression. Its Ann Marie’s cake, its the card up a magician’s sleeve. It just dupes us into thinking our ideas and actions are ours while we play along with the dictates of our oppressors.

But pseudonyms are the free press of the modern age. They allow us to escape Babylon. Under a pseudonym you can work to form a solidified identity, one that in time becomes a compilation of your true inner nature.

This is why we become so attached to them. If pseudonyms really were just throw away handles use to harass and speak with impunity – they wouldn’t matter. We could get them and toss them at leisure.

But as people form a sense of self around them, they find, even if without awareness of it, that this new identity is more them than the identity they are forced into when ‘logged off’.

– This is why things like Reddit are the real future. They unshackle the human mass-consciousness, whereas something like Facebook shackles it back down.

Reddit is doomed if the powers-that-be get their hands on controlling it, but Facebook is doomed if they don’t.

Changes over the year in my look

They’ve got a contest on the SL forums right now, to post a pic of your old and new self over this year.

It seems I’ve changed a lot in the last year:

I’ve discovered people think its from having an amazing machine, when it isn’t. I have the bottom-end new iMac.

The left side image is ‘what people expect’. The right side image is just a minor few tweaks to the graphic settings…

Left side was just no anti-alias, medium graphics, sun set to sunrise or sunset (I forget).

The right begins with a change to sunlight, using a preset.

Light/sun to ‘Incongruent Truths’ preset. Then adjust the sun to a time of day showing the mood you want. This preset brings out great color saturation as well as highlights and shadows.

Turn on shadows, ambient occlusion, and depth of field. Set anti-alias to 8x (at least I do).

Use a still pose. Not your AO animations. A still pose will let you work with it. There -IS- a freeze frame option in the snapshots, but the still poses are still just going to help you mentally frame your scene better…

Don’t have untextured props in the background like I did… πŸ™‚

Rez 3 spheres, and make them lights. I forget the options on SL lights… but this is something I’ve been doing since the Poser days. Even if you can’t set a directional light, three different colored lights around your scene will really make it pop. I did -NOT- do that in my blog’s screenshot, but will do it soon and show an update. My screenshot just has one light, which was used to bring out a highlight along my avatar.

You put each light at a different spot, with different color, strength, etc…

Take snapshot, and lord it over your friends. πŸ™‚

As to my look, there’s been quite a few changes along the year.

In July or so I finally updated my neko skin, and got my proportions fixed up:

In late 2010 / early 2011, I found what was until recently my default furry look:

The same year saw me make an impressive number of land moves. I’ve been on the run in 2011. From Milu to Campion to with the start of 2012 Ironchurch. A number of side-stops along the way to get boat and car rezzing land in assorted sims… CLosing my infohub land. Moving my club twice, closing my club because it was never really open to begin with. Moving my shop space 4 times…

In fact at present I have three shops, which is odd for a person with a product line barely over 20 items. πŸ™‚ One is a stall at Irie Vibes, one a lot on mature Bay City, and one on G-rated Bay City… Eventually expect to cut back on the G-rated lot.

Hoping 2012 will mark an uptide in how often I write to this blog, but we shall see. πŸ™‚

Fashion Challenge – Dress up a new avatar for under 550L – my entry at 199L

My little Fairy alt here is part of a blog challenge to make an avatar on under 550L, on the Juicy Bomb SL-fashion blog.

All this for only 199L - and the part that cost 199L isn't even showing in the pic (her elf ears).

I was doing fine until the ears, that you can’t even see in the image…

Skin: by Lyrical Oh – group freebie in his mainstore
Shape: That’s Pussycat’s shape on a human skin – self made.
Outfit: *IW* Autumn Fae In Sand ($0L) – Inga Wind Clothing
Wings: Part of the free outfit
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * TERESA * freebie available at FabFree
Eyes: -*By Snow*- Alienite Eyes (Free) – a freebie in the By Snow shop, not to be confused with a near identical named 200L product that has these eyes and many others.
Ears: *Epic* Winged Elfy Ears, From shop named *Epic* ($199L).
Cost: $199L

Also spent 2L on two ‘dollarbies’ that I ended up not using: hair and eyes.

Will likely kit this avatar just a little bit more.
Will update this with SLURLS soon, for new folks to go shopping.

Be Interesting – Second Life’s new searchable interests and why the recent email contact program to put avatars in touch with like minded avatars is such a good thing.

Earlier this week Linden Lab emailed a lot of us a list of peeps we might like to get in contact with. Other avatars in Second Life that have filled in at least one identical interest to us.

No idea if any other filtering method was used – age, privacy, etc. But it does seem to have gone out to everyone in Second Life who had Interests listed in their profile.

Overall I think this is potentially one of the best moves ever made by LLs for bringing people together. But it needs refinement.

  • First, Interests need to be matchable for similar entries. On the forums and in the feedback poll I noted that it won’t know that ‘Reggae’ and ‘Reggae Lover’ are related… but it should.
  • Second, once it does that, it need to cut these matches down to only people with 3+ interests in similarity.
  • Third, it needs to not make a match for any interest that appears on more than 40% of all profiles. “Exploring” is Second Life talk for “Likes long walks on the beach” – something everyone says, most who say it don’t actually agree with it, but we all think we have to say it… and the people most likely to actually agree with it claim not to because its said too often.

    (Sadly ‘Neko‘ is in the same camp, and that’s my community, but yeah… needs to be ignored by all forms of SL search because its so overused it has as much meaning in SL as faceplanting on your spacebar.)

  • Fourth: The system should focus on making the IM button prominent, and suggest that people ‘get in touch with someone new.’ Make it about starting conversations.
  • Fifth: The list should be on our web and viewer (sidebar) dashboards. In the viewer, put it under the button for profiles in the sidebar – a LOT of empty space down there for which this is ideal.

Worked out properly this could be a VERY useful feature for making SL more of a community. One of the most common complaints against Second Life by both new and old users alike is the difficulty of finding other people to enjoy the experience together with. I view this as a very positive step towards making that much less of a concern.

I’ve been saying since the first time I logged into Second Life in 2006, that the interests needed to be a feature that could be used to network with others. Five years on, and we’re finally seeing something there. Its been almost half a year since interests themselves were searchable. But the system was implemented with very limited functionality. It was a start however, and not perhaps a good half of all old residents, and much more among newer residents have interests filled in to some capacity.

Though there’s very little consistency of what to put in there… Under the present system, single word common terms are going to be much more effective than anything else.

A few among the ‘don’t talk to me’ crowd online are panicking right now over this email. I am completely baffled by this reaction. I am not capable of understanding their concern here, and I’m very much a privacy freak.

BUT if you fill out something which has as its sole purpose of making you searchable on the basis of what you fill in, then you should not be surprised when you get searched, nor should you be unwelcome to it.

If you don’t desire to be searched and contacted through this, the solution is simple – don’t use it. Don’t be ‘interesting’. Leave them blank, and you’re off the list. Or if you can’t remember what you like, so need a personal list nobody looks at – use the privacy settings or put special characters into it so it fails to return a match.

Simple as that.

If you fill it out, you are -ASKING- people to use it. So they will.

And for those of us who, like so many in Second Life, complain about how hard it is to find others – this is a major blessing. It makes the process so, so, so much easier.

Thumbs up to Linden Labs on this one. Job well started; now finish it and make it better. πŸ™‚

Getting good Body Proportions in Second Life

Prelude: It is all about you, and what makes you happy.

At the end of the day the shape you end up with must be one that makes you happy and feels like your ‘fantasy self’. You will be looking at this ‘freak of an avatar’ every single time you log in… so it needs to be your freak out, and not anybody else’s.

That is why I feel it is super important for people to make their own shapes. Yes I put out some free shapes – they are meant to help someone get started, not to be used. Your shape must be YOU. It needs to make only you happy, not me, not that guy in the place you hang out in, not your best friend. Just you.

Take everything below as a set of tools to help you find yourself, not as me telling you what shape to have. These tools are just how to do ‘human anatomy’ as best as the SL tools let me figure it out – which is not perfect. In art classes they often say that the people who understand anatomy best are the ones who have done amazing changes to it. Like Picasso and Salvador DalΓ­. Knowing what something is like in ‘reality’ lets you make it different in a way that triggers the imagination. So I figure that if you can do human anatomy… then you can change to what you want… rather than being frustrated with an image in your mind that you can’t seem to get to show up on the screen.

I don’t expect you to be ‘the perfect example of human anatomy’. What I do expect is for you to feel “I am so happy with how my avatar looks, it looks exactly as I was imagining.”

Be you. Use this guide just to help find that.

For more information, I have a whole category on this subject, and how to improve your shape.

I have two freebies based on this guide:

For Mesh Body users of the Belleza Freya Body:

The same kit for users of Maitreya:

For default body avatars:

This began as a re-phrasing of a guide posted on the old official forums by Penny Patton, but has taken off from there with my own thoughts and style. The forums have a habit of disappearing or getting buried, so I wanted to make a blog post with the same general advice. I know, only in SL would anyone consider a blog to have more viability of lasting than the actual official forum…

That said, it appears others have been at this even longer than either Penny or I, but with a bit of a different take.

Apart from the issue of proper height in Second Life, over which there is oddly no agreement… most avatars in Second Life have grossly improper proportions.

Proportions are not something you can really debate – you’ve either got them right or you’ve got them wrong and its basic anatomical science over which you have.

But in SL so few people have any artistic or medical training, and the dials for avatar shape editing are grossly improperly adjusted. Proper proportions can often only be achieved by values of under 10 or over 90… if at all. Put simply whoever made the mesh we’re all stuck with had even less artistic training than a pack of kindergarteners. There are ‘free’ meshes in the 3D community that do a better job.

Having good proportions will make your avatar look -AND- animate better. Any motion capture animations in SL were made by… more likely humans than Orangutans or Lemurs. I don’t know… I could be wrong, but I’m going to just guess that the average motion capture studio hires human dancers and not the zoo crew. So if you have human proportions, you’ll animate a little more like the motion capture itself intended (barring the limits of the badly put together SL mesh).

So its time to learn how to ‘dial away from 50’ and get an avatar that looks regardless of height chosen.

You’re going to want to do a few basic things first. Get yourself a pose stand with a T-Pose and an arms at sides pose. You can get my free one at my shop or on Marketplace. Get on it, and go into preferences here and un-check the box for appearance:
Un-check Appearance on the Automatic Position Section.
That will let you switch between appearance editing and prim editing without hopping off the posestand or having your camera move. You can always recheck the box later if desired.

(A careful observer will notice that my avatar started these screenshots slightly out of proportion, and I improve as I work my way down.)

Start by learning your head size:
Head Sized Prim

Take off your hair. Make a prim and size it to be from your chin to the top of your head. Be as accurate as you can be – but human variety is often slightly off of perfection, so don’t sweat too fine of details.

Now find out how many heads tall you are. Take that same prim and copy clone it down until you go past your feet:
7.5 Heads of Height.
You want to be between 7 and 8 heads tall, For a short look you can reach down to 6 or 6 and a half – though you will start looking odd in doing this (and this is not the proper way to make someone who has naturally short stature – that would take more complex adjustments of the SL dials than simply counting heads). Attractive people tend to be closer to 8 heads – even short attractive people, but by contrast Asians who are often considered attractive tend to be on the lower end of the scale. Going above 8 can make you look cartoonish – and on the SL mesh, usually in a bad way. Make your head bigger or smaller until this works out right for you.

The hardest part comes next and it is likely to cause you to have to redo some of the above a few times until it is all just right. Now we need to get your ratio of torso-legs right. Your legs should be half of your height.

Start by finding your current height. Take a prim and stretch it from the soles of your feet to the tip of your head:
Avatar Height
Now cut that prim in half. If you place the new half prim so it starts at the soles of your feet, you want it to reach to your crotch. Good luck because this almost never happens on the first try.
This should go to the top of the crotch, not the base – the image here needs to be corrected.

Now stack a copy of it on top. The top prim should go from your crotch to the top of your head. Sounds easy, but adjusting everything until this works well, takes work.

You need to keep tweaking until you have two equal prims that meet at your crotch. Yes that really is the focal point of the human body and not just because guys keep staring at it:

In tweaking this you’re going to be working with neck length, leg length, and hip length for the most part. Height will adjust overall body height. Torso height may or may not adjust your upper half, it worked for me but I’ve read that it doesn’t work. You can also adjust head size, but do that and you have to start the entire process over again.

Be careful not to give yourself a funny squashed or swan neck. It will be tempting as its one of the easier dials to use to get the ratio right.

Now you should find your body width. Take that head prim and stack a copy of it side by side. Put them over your body:
Body Width
You should be 2 heads wide from arm to arm.
You can see I’m a little thin here.
Keep in mind here that males have broader shoulders than females. For a man adjust shoulders slightly up, for a woman slightly down. Avoid the comical extreme seen on so many SL men. If you ask SL women what makes an attractive male, those extremes are not him (The Bishounen look seems to get the most female interest – if you want to be a lady’s man, go Bishounen with a dapper stylish outfit and use cool artsy backdrops in your screenshots for extra ‘drooling’ factor – just look at any Vampire TV show these days, the lead boys all have Bishy-bodies).

Next comes hand size. One of the major ‘lol’ issues with SL men is tiny hands… How can you tell a noob shape or noob shape maker – look at the hands first. In my screenshots I’m taking off my furry paws for a moment here so you can see this how most of you will deal with it:
Hand Size
You will want your hand from the base of your palm to the tips of your fingers to be the same size as the distance between your chin and midway between your brows and ‘hairline’. I’m guessing my hairline on this one. Again men have slightly thicker hands and women slightly daintier – but use extreme care in deviating here: the hand size slider doesn’t adjust for thick / width / muscle, just size all around. A little bit goes a long way.

Note the comment about thicker versus daintier – this is why all avatars in SecondLife have MAN HANDS… there is no ‘hand muscle / thickness’ slider… so no matter how big or small you go, it will still look mannish. A big mistake many women make is thinking female hands are smaller. They’re not so much smaller overall, as smaller in the muscle / palm / width. The shape is different, and SecondLife doesn’t let you fix that.

Now comes your arm length (wingspan). This is the spot where most of you will revolt and call all this human anatomy stuff bat-crazy nonsense. Your arms from finger tip to finger tip when stretched out in a T-pose, should be the same length as the height of your body. It will look utterly crazy for about 3-5 minutes after you hit save and walk around – but as soon as you ‘get over SL’ for a moment you’ll blink and suddenly realize you look ‘human’ for the first time ever in SL, and then you’ll start noticing all the T-rex people around you. If you just can’t handle the new arm length, dial it down a tiny bit. But chances are this step took your arms to 90-100. If so, don’t go down by more than 10.
Arm Length - Wingspan

Finally do your feet for when barefoot. Make the feet the same size as the length of your forearm. Obviously if you use rigged mesh feet, you’ll be out of luck on this one – but if those feet “look normal enough” this is one area where you can probably get by being a little off.

This should not be correct at foot size 0, but it was for me. I have no idea why.

EDIT: later I found the 0 was working due to some old neko mods I had. After mesh bodies came out, I found for a long time my proper value was closer to 33. On Maitreya you will find it will be close to but not exactly 25 – yet you should use 25 anyway if you wear any shoes made before August of 2020 as before that point Maitreya feet could not be resized, and now that they can ’25’ gives the value of the old system.

That’s your foot size when barefoot. Save this prim under a name like ‘Shoe Size’ in inventory and use it to size any shoes you buy. Making shoes you buy just a little bigger as if they had to fit a foot that size inside them. That’s the real reason to do this last step – to find your shoe size. In my opinion the SL bare-feet look horrid no matter what size you give them…
Foot Size
(The SL foot slider just makes them longer, without making the sole or toes thicker, so feet at proper length actually often look worse than smaller feet – a good argument for going shopping to buy some of those rigged mesh feet. If you noticed the screenshots with darker skin, my 2013 avatar, getting mesh feet is exactly what I have now done.)

Now you can get to work and perfect things like body fat, muscle, facial features, and so on to get a desired look.

Proportions By Age
Everything changes a bit when trying to depict a different age for your avatar. I won’t go into length on that, but just leave you with this chart to look over and think about.

Google Images for Anatomy & Proportion

The SL Avatar Dials and what they do:
(Credit for this goes to What the Fug? – Shaping Up – A Shapes Tutorial: Part 2)

Height – adjusts your overall height
Body Thickness – adjusts the relative width of your body
Body Fat – adjusts all-over body fat

Head Size – adjusts the overall size of your head
Head Stretch – stretches your head vertically.
Head Shape – makes your head more square or more round
Egg Head – adjusts your head to be forehead-heavy versus chin-heavy
Head Length – stretches your head from the back of your head to the front of your face
Face Shear – lifts one side of the face versus the other
Forehead Angle – adjusts the slope of your forehead
Brow Size – adjusts the size and protrusion of your brow
Upper Cheeks – adjusts the puffiness of your upper cheeks
Lower Cheeks – adjusts the hollowness of your lower cheeks
Cheek Bones – adjusts the height of your cheekbones

Eye Size – adjusts the overall size of your eyes
Eye Opening – adjusts the vertical opening of your eyes
Eye Spacing – adjusts the space between your eyes
Outer Eye Corner – lifts and lowers the outer corners of your eyes
Inner Eye Corner – lifts and lowers the inner corners of your eyes
Eye Depth – adjust the depth at which your eyes are sunk into your head
Upper Eyelid Fold – lifts and lowers your upper eyelid
Eye Bags – lowers the “bags” under your eye
Puffy Eyelids – adjusts the puffiness of your eye bags
Eyelash Length – adjusts the system eyelash length (set to “0” for prim lashes)
Eye Pop – adjusts the “pop” of either eye.

Ear Size – adjusts the size of your ears
Ear Angle – adjusts the angle from which your ears stick out from your head
Attached Earlobes – adjusts your earlobes to be attached to your head, or have some separation
Ear Tips – adjusts the tips of your ears to be pointed or not

Nose Size – adjusts the size of your nose, extending it out from your face
Nose Width – adjusts the width of your nose at tip mostly
Nostril Width – adjusts the width of your nostrils
Nostril Division – adjusts the length of your septum
Nose Thickness – adjusts how bulbous your nose is
Upper Bridge – adjusts the length out from your face of your nose between your eyes
Lower Bridge – adjusts the length out from your face of your nose above your nose tip
Bridge Width – adjusts the width of your nose between and just below your eyes
Nose Tip Angle – adjusts the upturn ot downturn of your nose
Nose Tip Shape – adjusts the size/shape of your nose tip to be pinched or bulbous
Crooked Nose – adjusts your nose to be shifted from one side to another

Lip Width – adjusts the overall width of your mouth
Lip Fullness – adjusts the size/fullness of your lips
Lip Thickness – adjusts the protrusion/puffiness of your lips
Lip Ratio – adjusts the ratio of lower lip to upper lip
Mouth Position – adjusts the position of your mouth vertically
Mouth Corner – adjusts the corners of your mouth to be upturned or down turned
Lip Cleft Depth – adjusts the depth of your lip cleft (the indentation beneath your septum and the points of your upper lip on either side)
Lip Cleft – adjusts the width of your lip cleft
Shift Mouth – shifts your mouth position from left to right

Chin Angle – adjusts your chin to be drawn in or jut out
Jaw Shape – adjusts your jaw to be pointed or squared
Chin Depth – adjusts the depth (or height) of your chin
Jaw Angle – adjusts the height of your jawline
Jaw Jut – adjusts your “under bite”
Jowls – adjusts your jawline to give it more or less “jowls” (cheek sag)
Chin Cleft – creates a cleft in your chin
Upper Chin Cleft – gives your chin a more square appearance
Chin-Neck – adjusts the underneath of your chin to be more or less saggy

Torso Muscles – adjusts your all-over torso to have a more or less bulky appearance
Neck Thickness – adjusts the thickness/width of your neck
Neck Length – adjusts the length/height of your neck
Shoulders – adjusts how broad your shoulders are
(F)Breast Size – adjusts the size of your breasts
(F)Breast Buoyancy – adjusts the gravitational “sag” of your breasts
(F)Breast Cleavage – adjusts your cleavage, moving your breasts closer together or further apart
(M)Pectorals – adjusts the size/protrusion of a man’s pectoral muscles
Arm Length – adjusts the length of your arms
Hand Size – adjusts your hand size
Torso Length – adjusts the length of your torso (this does not affect height)
Love Handles – adjusts the thickness of your waist
Belly Size – adjusts the size of your belly (useful for creating a pregnant shape)

Leg Muscles – adjusts your legs to give them a more or less bulky appearance
Leg Length – adjusts the length of your legs
Hip Width – adjusts the width of your hips and creates space between your thighs
Hip Length – adjusts the length of your hips/butt
Butt Size – adjusts the size of your butt (abuse of this slider leads to “watermelon ass”)
(M)Package – adjusts the size of a man’s crotch bulge
Saddle Bags – adjusts the “thickness” of your hips
Knee Angle – can be used to give one a more or less knock-kneed appearance
Foot Size – adjusts the size of one’s feet

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