My new avatar – DERP Domestic Cat

I got a new avatar this weekend.

DERP Domestic Cat
The shape was my own design. The avatar came with a nice enough shape, but it wasn’t me and I’ve always used my own personally made shape. Fortunately a notecard with the avatar had numbers to put into the head and eyes of shape editing to make sure the furry head would fit into the right position of any shape you applied to it.

From the front:
DERP Domestic Cat

You might notice I’ve updated my profile images to reflect the new kitty. I’ve been looking for the right cat avatar for a long time now. I had the Kinzart Serval, but she’s a Serval and not a cat. I looked at ones from AnthroXtacy and Lost Furrest but they just didn’t meet the need. Lost Furrest’s cat doesn’t seem to have digitigrade legs. AnthroXtacy’s was about right, but they didn’t have red and I’d wanted that.

So how did I instead end up on a tan spotted cat? I dunno. I looked at the coloring of this and the orange tabby from Anthroxtacy as well as the orange tabby from DERP and I finally just hit a point where I felt I could branch away from the red my Serval had used. The tone here is pretty close to the tone I had a neko, so I ‘gave in’. Asked a friend what she though of the three options, and she picked this one, so I bought it. πŸ™‚

That always helps when you can’t decide – draft a friend into the crisis. πŸ™‚

I guess this post means I’ll start using this blog for more than just the original post’s getting started in SL guide. πŸ™‚

I’m a PG furry in Second Life. Used to be a neko. I became a furry as a part of going mostly-PG. I’ve probably got a lot to say about all three of those things: furries, nekos, and the transition I went through. πŸ™‚

Thoughts on the DERP Domestic Cat

Overall its a nice avatar. Its not perfect but its pretty good.

The skin design is very smooth, not grainy. Some furry avatars use a hair-like grain to the skin to give the appearance of fur, this one does not. Much like the Kinzart furries it is solid colors in a pattern. The pattern I chose matches a certain kind of spotted tabby design. Most of DERP’s cats were tabby, but there were also solid white, solid black, and siamese patterns. The solids were amazingly well done. They were not just a solid color, but the color with shadows and highlights to give depth to the avatar. If I had been looking for a solid colored cat, the choice between DERP. and others would have been trivial. In the solid colors DERP beats other makers by miles.

Note also that the skin is ‘G’ only. There is a male and female skin, and neither shows ‘bits’. If you go to the DERP store it has a lot of racey content, so this might be a surprise to some. As a PG Furry, it doesn’t bother me, but I’m sure its something others will want to be aware of.

DERP Domestic Cat Head
The head shape is nice with not too long of a muzzle, but there is an indentation right where the muzzle meets the main head. Its a sharp angle there around much of the muzzle. It reminded me a bit of the Kinzart Squirrel. From directly front on the AnthroXtacy cat head probably looks better, but from any other angle the choice of which is better is not as easy to make. From many angles the DERP might look better. I guess it comes down to personal preference.

The paws do not animate. You cannot pose the hands. This is a drawback, but one shared in the AntrhoXtacy cat as well. I can’t speak for the Lost Furrest cat on that regard.

My AO is one that often bends my wrists in a paw licking motion, and I have noticed that when it does this, the cat paw bends a little off from the wrist fluff prim. I think I can edit the position of the fluff and paw prims to avoid this, but have yet to try. This effect is lessened by using an arm length of 60 (the setting on the included shape). The effect can be fully fixed by using a different alpha map for the upper body. You want the alpha map to make just a little more of the wrist invisible as well. IM me inworld if you desire such an alpha map.

The legs are either plantigrade or semi-digitgrade. The semi-digitgrade is what you see in my screenshots. It starts halfway down the calf, and is one lower leg piece for both that and the foot. If you use the semi-digitigrade, you need to apply the alpha map to hide the linden-mesh feet. The plantigrade has a foot and lower leg attachment. Two pieces. This also allows wearing just the foot alongside normal SL-avatar pants.

I was worried I would not like the semi-digitigrade legs, being a big fan of full digitigrade avatars, but after running around with it for the weekend, I think it is actually one of the better done parts of the avatar. I’ve really grown to like it rather fast.

The scripting demands of the avatar are ultra-light. This is a low lag avatar:
Script Usage on DERP. Domestic Cat
When you attach the eye-color HUD though that will use up 1152kbx – but you are likely to only ever need that HUD once, when you first pick an eye coloration. Unless you like to change your avatar’s eye colors often. Likewise the normal avatar HUD is rarely needed, and can be detached most of the time.

This avatar has now been reviewed on

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