Kinzart Queotl (Meeroo inspired) Furry Avatar review

Kinzart Queotl

Kinzart Queotl Meeroo
+500L$ for optional traits kit.
Mod, Copy, No-Trans
Kinzart Mainstore

Meeroos have been out for quite some time now. Arguably past their prime, at least on the secondary market where the value of the nests is frustratingly low. But they’ve still yet to be unseated by any new trend.

But with that age, it might seem a little strange to see a meeroo inspired furry avatar coming out this late into things. However, the owner of Kinzart is a big fan of Meeroos and this avatar has apparently been on the table for a very long time.
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo
My recommendation is that this avatar is a great addition to a collection, something every Meeroo fan should get, and for many an ideal choice for your main ‘avatar look’. It is one of three that I am aware of. The others include an official ‘Tiny Mesh’ sold by Malevoy themselves, in a design that looks near identical to that of a Tokushi avatar, and a mod kit Meeroo based on the Chinchilla from Curious Inc. The Chinchilla mod kit is very nice as well, but more toonish – so this is a style choice. If you are a Tiny or enjoy the Tiny look, the mesh Tiny would be your choice, though it is not customizable (no-mod and full mesh).

Avatar Features:

Kinzart Queotl Meeroo Parts List
* Full selection of diurnal coats from the Meeroo lines from North America, Egypt, Africa, Japan, and Scotland.
* Trait pack includes ALL optional traits, and is bought by coat.
* Sculpted digitigrade legs
* Sculpted digitigrade feet
* Sculpted digitigrade hand paws – with independently poseable digits.
* Unrigged Mesh Tail (with 4 poses)
* Flexi Tail option
* Unrigged Mesh Ears
* Sculpty head (in 3 pieces for head, upper and lower jaw).
* Prim Eyes.
* UV maps for mesh parts
* Female and male shapes and skins (PG only)
* Unrigged Mesh Hair

Type/Speech responsive ears, jaw
AUC – Automated Update system – used to keep your avatar up to date, and to strip out optional customization scripts.


In general this is a very impressive avatar. A year ago it would have been cutting edge, but the use of sculpties is now dated in furry avatars.
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo
That said everything fits together very well, the coats really look and feel like Meeroos, and the avatar looks the part.

The use of UnRigged mesh for the ears, hair, and tail is ideal. UnRigged mesh, unlike Rigged mesh can be moved and rescaled to your needs, but gives you the high detail quick rendering options of mesh. That the rest is sculpty may be due to the long development time for the avatar.

Unlike the other Meeroo avatar options on the market, the legs and feet here are separate pieces. This makes it very easy to wear jeans with this avatar, and the cut for the foot fits those mesh jeans I have just perfectly. It does however mean that from time to time these parts can bend improperly.

Strong Points:

Kinzart Queotl Meeroo
The texturing is amazingly well done, leaving you feeling like you are on a meeroo. They are arguably better textured than ‘actual meeroos’ – and not just from being larger with more surface area. The skill is just simply top notch with Kinzart textures. The furry market right now to me feels like a race to the top between Kinzart and DSD, with competitors close or far behind (Tokushi is a hard call, but for me, just behind these two – for reasons of style and my personal tastes, which means they may be on top for others. The skill of all three is not to be missed).
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo

As with other recent Kinzart avatars, scripting is top notch and light weight.
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo
I don’t know if this was true in past, but at present Kinzart is a team of people, and the scriptor on that team delivers a solid punch in a very light tap – pressure point scripting so to speak. A few years back some Kinzart furries were so heavy Kinzart themselves notes customers getting tossed out of sims for wearing them. If that’s your memory of Kinzart, you need to go back over there and look at them again. The current avatars, and some updated old ones, are very well done. If you have one of those heavy scripted old avatars, chances are there is an update waiting for you on their sim (To be frank, it was only 1 or 2 of their dragon avatars from what I can find – I have some old kinzarts, and I find them normal for back when I got them – In fact I used to put them on around friends on human avatars and note how ‘even with all these parts going, my entire furry is still lighter scripted than just one of your shoes’).

This avatar is very animal and ‘realistic’ (for a made up animal on a furry). Unlike other Meeroo choices, it is not cartoony and I end up looking at it a long and trying to place what family in the animal kingdom it would fit into (kinda looks related to a kangaroo and a dingo to me). It would be a perfect creature in fantasy and science fiction roleplay in this design.

The head size is proportionately normal. Most newer furries no longer use the giant heads of old. Plenty of human hairs will fit it, but the snout may get in the way of some prims. A few mesh hairs I have tried fit onto it, but the majority have not.

The default shape is very well done, almost fitting the XS standard size of mesh clothes (leg muscles were much higher, but tuning it down didn’t impact the look much). The shoulders on the female here are slightly mannish, being a tiny fraction wider than the hips – but not too noticeable and easily tweaked.


The presence of sculpty parts feels dated. The avatar was in development for a very long time, so my guess is these sculpty parts pre-date mesh in SL. There are 3D modeling tools on the market now that will import a sculpty map and let you save out a collada format mesh file. So this could have been fixed, but perhaps only with a lot of work redoing the textures. That said the sculpty maps load pretty fast and I’ve yet to see myself doing that oldstyle furry-rez wait where look at the collapsed head and floating eyeballs and count to 3-billion…
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo
For sculpty, they are seriously well done – and seem to have sharp definition and no odd seams at the curves. See in the comments below – there’s a reason they were not converted to mesh. And zoom in one on of these – the sculpties really are well done. This is only a weakness in that mesh exists now and in theory renders sharper. But these are still some of the best sculpty parts I have seen. I’ve got a weakness section though, and gotta put something in it.


This avatar is built to be modded. Right out of the gate the traits kits offered up a collection of ready to go options.
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo Traits
You can see my recent blog on the Kinzart cat for resizing tips. All of which will work here as well.

Hairs will mostly fit the avatar, but will require some minor edit to pull strands out of the eyes or snout. Nothing unusual for many furry avatars. For rigged mesh hair – do demo before buying. Some will work, most will not.

Kinzart Queotl Meeroo HUD Cover
The HUD is typical of Kinzart, simple yet rich on features.
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo HUD Attachment Settings
Ears, tail, eyes, hands, claws, mouth, tongue, etc – all can be customized. A number of elements can be colored from within the HUD.

Kinzart Queotl Meeroo HUD Hands
Note this. Here on the hands part of the HUD, you can give individual poses to each digit. This is one area where Kinzart is clearly ahead of some competition. Some furry avatar makers do this and some do not. Those who do are much appreciated. It may seem trivial, but almost every day on my copy of the Kinzart cat my eye catches the hand poses I use and it just makes the avatar feel ‘alive and homey (lived in).’ All of that is here in the Queotl as well.

Kinzart Queotl Meeroo HUD Colors


Like the Kinzart Domestic Cat, I have been very happy with this choice. While disappointed in the use of sculpty parts, my overall impression was very position. Enough so that I have bought it 3 times for alts, and have been considering a fourth purchase. If you want a Meeroo avatar or just a unique animal that still looks “familiar” and not too far out there, it is worth getting.
Kinzart Queotl Meeroo

Unlike the cat, it comes in some of the riot colors. Blues and purples and such. This is mostly true to the Meeroos, but there were four special limited coats during pre-release and for 48 hours shortly after launch. One of these was purple, seen in the shots above because it came with both my Phantom and Congo choices. I’m not partial to it, but it was a favorite of the designer. If you like it, there are some blue choices that are similar. And Kinzart hopes to have more coats with time.

Meeroos under Assault pt.2 – What is Unauthorized Food?

This story’s been picked up by the non-Second Life news. And a lot of people are wondering now what this ‘food’ stuff is.

Think of it as a game token.

Basically people are selling ‘faked’ game tokens. To play the ‘Meeroo’ game you’ve got to keep feeding in the game tokens – like an old arcade game. The fake tokens won’t work. The ‘machine’ (a Meeroo virtual pet) won’t recognize them and therefore won’t accept them.

But the human players of the game can be tricked into buying the fake game tokens if they’re sold in ‘packaging’ by ‘accounts’ that look like the real authorized people.

Real Life example: Imagine going to a car dealership named ‘F0rd Motorz’ and buying a brand new car, only to get inside and realize it had no engine.

Or better, you go to a She11 Gas’ station, and end up filling your engine with water that’s been mixed with a gas-smelling perfume.
– Your car would not drive too well after that.

Inside a virtual world like Second Life, you can set up a fake shop with the click of a mouse, and get rid of it just as fast, logging out and taking your money with you before the customer knows they bought ‘scented water’. So what you’re really seeing here is a test of whether or not Second Life’s anti-hacking security measures will be good enough to stop and catch these folks in such an ‘instant’ environment.

So who might be behind this kind of hostility?

I don’t think these ‘griefers’ (people who attack others in violation of the ‘terms of service’ within a virtual world / game) are trying to stop Seconf Life’s players from having Meeroos.

There -IS- a very large population of people in Second Life who are anti-breedable. I should know, generally I am one of them.

Excepting Meeroos, breedables have been notorious for creating lag, crashing sims (a region of Second Life, such regions exist on computers owned by Linden Labs – usually 4 or 8 per computer, connected in Second Life on an X,Y coordinate grid – everyone inside of the same ‘sim’ is sharing computer resources with the others on that ‘sim’ and the other few ‘sim’s on that same computer), and causing resource issues for the -other people- who own land on the same sim as someone who keeps breedables.

Lets be frank there: breedables are generally a bad thing for Seconf Life. They’re such an abuse of resources that there has been a very strong desire for some time to start seeing them banned as a ‘denial of service attack’ against the non-breedables users of Seconf Life.

Even horses, if not set to ‘sleep’ mode (or whatever its called) – can kill a sim.

Meeroos seem to be the first breedable that doesn’t do that. Right now I’ve got all my Meeroos rezzed right next to a horse breeder, set to hyper-active, with my main often camped among them for a day at a time to keep them from going idle. And I’m seeing less lag from a stack of Meeroos than I do from a -single- avatar entering the sim…

I go to Roo markets, and I can tell when I feel lag that its not the Meeroos, but the people and the scripted plants that cause trouble. You can tell this by comparing the markets. Some of the ones with the least lag also have the most live-roos on them…

So whatever Meeroos changed about breedables, it was the right change and might very well permanently quiet the anti-breedables crowd.

But yes – there is a very large group of people who have very harsh feelings against breedables.

If this attack was those folks, it would have happened earlier. It would have hit maybe 2-3 months ago as Meeroos were taking off. But most of the folks on the anti-breedables side are also strict TOS-enforcement types. They’d be attacking with a stack of ARs and charts and graphs to show resource abuse.

(And frankly, a month ago I would have been one of them – until I proved for myself that Meeroos were not causing those issues.)

This attack though, very much appears to be an extortion by folks who themselves were/are Meeroo users. What we’re seeing is that all the auto-petter, super-breeder, and meerroo/nest-cloning folks that got shut down are now seeking retribution.

This is the classic ‘criminal’ who felt morally entitled to commit crime, getting caught, and waging a ‘crusade’ against those who punished him.

The timing alone should tell us that. The methods hint at it. The demand for cash strongly implies it.

And if it was being done by people who wanted to shut Meeroos down as their chief motive – we’d be seeing the 3rd party forums like SLU light-up with boasts by these folks about how they’re “finally killing those breedables.”
– followed by assorted ‘victory blogs’ from the many people who’ve been permanently banned from Second Life for ‘vigilantism’ yet still manage to linger in the community.

But these attackers don’t want to take your Meeroos from you, they want to regain control of the secondary market and sell their illegitimate Meeroos to you again.

(The secondary market is where players of Meeroos sell virtual pet meeroos they have bred with their own adult meeroos, and an assortment of fan products like ‘pet houses’ and display scenes you can place your meeroos into to enjoy them – for example I bought for myself, a floating rock with a garden and steaming fountain on top, like in the movie Avatar, where I put some Meeroos up in the sky. A -lot- or real life money gets traded in these secondary markets, making them prime targets for criminal conduct.)

Meeroo’s under Assault

A short one today.

If you’re into Meeroos, head on over to their website and read what’s been going on:

It seems these folks are suffering some kind of organized attack by unknowns. My theory is recently banned individuals are trying to strike back by doing any and all damage they can to the rest of the Meeroo player base and its developer team.

Over the last week, they had to ban first one person who had used stolen scripts to make a ‘cheat’ device that would pet the meeroos via a timer based script wrapped around a prim containing the stolen script…

And then second they had to ban a series of users who had hacked their breeding system in order to enable the production of 1 baby Meeroo per day from select couples – using ultra rares to ‘assembly line produce’ more ultra-rares. Normal Meeroos can produce 1 baby per 5 days, with a genetics system that works to keep rarity intact.

Mysteriously, after announcing these bans, their sims came under attack with people using the old ‘invisible prim covering a vendor’ trick, alongside what I gather are other tricks to hack-enable rezzing on no-build land.

This was followed by one of accounts used by the Meeroo developers to manage their system getting banned for unstated/unknown reasons (now since unbanned). False ARs, or people trying to AR the sim attackers and accidentally ARing the real parts of the Meeroo store build – unknown at this time.

Quite a bit of activity going on now over there as Malevoy, the company behind Meeroos, comes under attack and tries to hold itself together.

Lets wish them well. I know people have a lot of reason to be hostile to the makers of Breedables, but if you stop for a moment and check these folks out and their chosen pet; they’re not the same kind of folks as we’ve seen in past.

I’m guilty of that myself. After such poor history with scion chickens and the lag of the bunnies, I came out pretty harsh on the horses and the meeroos. But on a whim recently I went and looked, and started following their product and their company’s conduct – and came away impressed.

Malevoy seem like genuine good folks, with a curiously low lag product, who don’t really deserve to be lumped in with some of the labels traditionally put onto the makers of Breedables. So its a shame they’re being so targeted.

Bitten by a Meeroo, infected with Second Life Crack addiction ;)

I Can Haz Meeroo
This is essentially a pyramid scheme. So…


Shakes fist.

What ya’ll don’t know about me, at least until right now, is that I played WoW for a short period and in that time managed to get 80 minipets for my tauren. Likewise in Guild Wars (which I guess I still have an account to because they don’t go away) – I had/have stacks of them.

After getting a neighbor with somewhere between 30-100 horses, and obtaining an extra 7000m of land when the other neighbor freaked and ran off sim… I found that after the neighbor who left complaining of horse lag… left… lag went down. But the horses were still there.

So I dunno… maybe you folks who say this new brand of pet is not so laggy are right.

And right before buying my second lot in Bay City yesterday, I discovered there were horses there again. But no real lag. Clicked buy, and -then- noticed an hour later that the person who’d bought a lot an hour before me and had been up in the sky had rezzed a full on Meeroo shop up there… but the lag bunnies still hadn’t come to shred me to pieces.

Back when I had my first lot in SL… there was a day when I saw bunnies flying overhead, literally. Physical bunnies traced back to a flying hay silo in the sky. This was before Ozimals was publicly known about, so while they looked like bunnies I thought they were scion chickens…

– And the little buggers were like lag-bombs. Each one of them rocking my sim-world as it flew by devouring my FPS like a goat let loose in a field of grass. An experience I repeated almost a year later in another sim when an Ozimal shop came to town. For the first few weeks while they had bunnies rezzed, the sim was useless.

But so far these things don’t seem as bad, so I got one, and being me I had to go get the green one too. The little guy you see coming out of his nest there… so far he likes hiding under my lawn chairs, or trying to run inside the walls of my skybox. The green one seems content to bounce around, despite a claim that she’s “lazy”.

Sigh… now I’ve got myself hooked on mini-pet crack in SL… 🙂

Keeping the little buggers here, for your petting enjoyment:

In what used to be my club, for now, since parts of it have the right sort of theme for them.

Now I need to decide if I want to be in or start a fellowship or just sit back and quietly enjoy them.

Keep in mind that I’m still very much aware that this is a pyramid scheme. You don’t usually cash in with these things unless you’re in -before- the ground floor. My odds of making money with these things are similar to the odds of making money with the tricks in one of those Real Estate seminars advertised on late night TV.

So… WTF am I doing? Why buy them?

Well, remember what I said about having 80 minipets when I played WoW? You make flat-out nothing off of those. Of course you also don’t have to pay to keep them. But you do get the fun of using them.

And that’s why I got me some Meeroos. To enjoy the actual critters I get instead of banking on them. Sure I’ll sell excess nests, probably not getting anything of note from them if I even manage to sell them in the present glut. But mostly I plan to breed out some nice sets, age them, and convert them to Mee-Pets – where they will be free to keep once converted.

Essentially, imagine a wine aficionado buying the farm, so she can grow the grapes, and bottle the wine, only to finally get the perfect bottle for herself (ps: I don’t drink alcohol -AT ALL-, its just the analogy that popped into my head). I’m looking to see if I can turn this into a ‘create-a-pet’ game, were I’ll feel my money on the pyramid gave me a worthwhile toy at the end.

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