Jah Love Everyone

On this day of love let us not forget the love of the most high Jah.

Love is something to share with all humanity, something beyond the personal bonds we share.

When Rasta says ‘Jah Love’ it is meant to remind of the love of Jah, and that the covenant to ‘love they neighbor’ is a universal calling, a duty upon us all to bring about a better world on the path to Zion.

Jah Love everyone.

Shop at Irie Vibes

Quicky cause its late for me, bed time. πŸ™‚

Just set up a shop at Irie Vibes, the popular Reggae club:
Zion Kitty @ Irie Vibes
Noted it on my SL FEED as well.

Looks like I didn’t get the best screenshot there. I’ll have to make a better one and edit this. πŸ™‚

This is the first time I’ve done rental spots in SL, since coming to SL originally in 2006. Always owned land, never used malls, not even club malls, before now. But it seemed like a good idea for exposure.

They used to have signs at Irie Vibes talking about Reggae and Rastafarians – but no more. I’m going to have to make some and put them up in my shop here and on my own land… πŸ™‚

Reggae Furry – group in Second Life

Just a short post today.

I’m desperate to find some like minds. So if this is your thing too, please join in and chat it up.

Started a new group a few days ago. Hoping to see if there are any other furries in Second Life that enjoy / prefer reggae or even Rastafarian spirituality.

Reggae Furry – an open group, looking for any furry that likes reggae. Meant to be social.

I gave it this for a listing, so far:

New group meant to be chatty, for furry fans of reggae and / or Rastafarian furries.

Please use group chat often. Tell us of any reggae happenings in chat.
If you’re a furry DJ or host with reggae events of your own, send up to 3 notices per week (send us your schedule in advance).

If you’re a furry reading this who loves reggae, join up. πŸ™‚

Toadstool Reggae sorta not closed but sorta closed


So the build -is- present inworld, and I decided to put it into search the other day. But I’m calling it a hangout now, and not a club. Fine distinction there being that its just a place now – and not somewhere you should expect to see events. You can drop by and look (or ignore all of this), you can even listen to the stream I tend to play there and use the dances. But I wouldn’t exactly call it a club.

That said, feel free to enjoy the space alone or with friends.

Maybe I’ll put out the platform as a build people can buy. Not sure still. But its a build I’ve always enjoyed, so I had to set it up in some manner.

Toadstool club taken down – Rasta / Christian Church built instead.

Yeah another club in SL that didn’t make it. But not for the usual reasons (or maybe this is the usual reason).

I liked having the place, and I love making builds in Second Life – but I’m not, at least at present, the sort to run events and host parties.

So when it was time to adjust my tier and move from my home sim, I put the lot Toadstool was on up for sale as well. I just don’t have it in me to be a hostess. The place got a decent number of visits for a place not being run by anyone – enough to convince me that there is demand in Second Life for the kind of reggae location I am interested in. Or maybe they were all ‘Dancehall’ fans and not roots fans who just teleported in and realized I was the wrong kind of music before leaving… πŸ™‚

Nonetheless, its gone. I’ve instead recently put up a Rastafarian / Ethiopian Christian church:

And if you go there you can hear the same stream I was running at Toadstool.

For the last month I was wavering between taking the club down, or investing in an auto-DJ service to stream my own reggae collection of some 22 (according to my iPod) different Roots artists.

But Auto-DJs gets pricey once you go above 500mb’s of music, and I wanted to upload 8gbs…

A partial version of the build now sits above the road in Campion, and a good 4000m above that is a second copy – while I ponder what to do with it.

Maybe it will come back someday, maybe not. Right now I’m enjoying no longer feeling guilty exploring SL instead of hosting my club… πŸ˜‰

Inside of the church mentioned above:

The Church is in Shermerville, in the sim of Blumfield

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