SL, why U <3 me so much I can't standz it…

What happened SL? Why U ❤ me everywherez?
For years I wanted to have land on Nautilus. Beautiful layout, all double prim, nice grid, etc. But then the Heart Baron arrived, in force… The blight of SL…


This is all over SL too:



The problem is not just in the map blight, Heart land builds tend to be very intrusive, blocking the view for all neighbors:

Back in my day (adjusts corn hat, shakes granny fist at you kids) we kept this kind of a build to a skybox.

There is actually a train moving in a circle inside that glow up there, but I think that might be the person behind the Heartland plot here… This is just one example – and in this case Heart is justified. But this kind of build is also often found all by itself, in the middle of a river, by a road, or whatever.

Polite people don’t litter the ground level up like this.

You wanna do big blightly builds that destroy the view for 2 sims around you… do it in the sky, where nobody else cares.

Its why the outside of my skybox looks like this:
Because its over 3000m up, and up here, I can be like that and put my business all up in your business because your business isn’t up here anyway. 🙂
(OK, I did just do this this week… It used to just be solid black)
This is my way of saying – the lady in that box is weird, give her some space up here. I take pains to put my skyboxes at heights none of my nearby neighbors are actively using. And if I get one who feels the need to start rezzing near me after I put this here, those walls get magenta and glowing… 😛

At ground I give my neighbors this:
Because I want to give them the respect of being able to enjoy their land.


But heart baron doesn’t respect Second Life, or its users. They clutter up the place with ugly builds that destroy the experience of everyone around them.

They even often have banlines up:

Sigh… Last time I came here most of the parcels around had banlines and it was tricky moving around unless you walked on the road. This time it was just this one, but it comes and goes. Usually unrented Heart lots have banlines on… But that policy might have changed. I hope so…

Thankfully thus far Zindra is only lightly infected by this plague:

I don’t think there is anything that can be done about this… but it is very frustrating nonetheless to see SL stuck down this path. A failure in vision to have better zoning rules, and a lack of rules about blotting out the map (as far as I know), has led us to this point.

Over the last year, I’ve started seeing more and more mainland competing land barons use the same tactic: blot the map, put up walls around your lots, and raise banlines…

It is leaving much of mainland looking rather ugly. It has only made limited inroads into Zindra though. At least so far.

Who would ever have thought Zindra would be the ‘nice respectable looking’ part of Second Life?


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