Linden Lab’s statement against the hateful bigotry of the US President is a good thing.

In the face of the US National Security Council being headed by a Klansman, and the creature in the White House being a Russian puppet with ties to White Supremacists, things are pretty bleak in the USA.

Statements like this are why I choose to live not just in California, but in the Silicon Valley:

We at Linden Lab are extremely disappointed in and adamantly opposed to Trump’s recent executive order on immigration. We reject racism, intolerance, and xenophobia.

We are proud to include immigrants among our leadership, colleagues, and customers, as well as our families, friends, and communities. We value diversity, compassion, and understanding, and we are proud that our products enable people to come together and form meaningful connections regardless of differences in their offline lives.

Trump’s order is counter to what we value and antithetical to American ideals. We join the many voices calling on the US government to remove this restriction as quickly as possible and to refrain from imposing additional barriers that threaten opportunities for immigrants, under-represented minorities, and women.

It is only here that I can remind myself that it is not the entire white race that is full of hate. Something my rational mind knows, but which experience anytime I leave this area, works very hard to counter.

Linden Lab’s statement is not just a press release, not just a bandwagon, not just ‘getting in politics’. It is a statement against hate. It is a reminder to me and those like me that we are family, we are friends, we matter, and we will be protected. If not by our own government, then at least by allies among the people.

To the people who say “we don’t want politics here” in Second Life… As a person of color it’s been a lifelong experience that the people who say that will shove racist policy at me all day long, and then use that line when I object…

Conservatives and racist have a basic notion that their politics are just fine, but when somebody doesn’t like it: that suddenly is being too political…

And if you think I’m just some “cartoon cat person who posts a lot of stuff about nudity in SL”, I am a veteran, with one of my  degrees in political science in addition to working in technology. I’ve spent my life, as a person of color, keeping a keen eye on hate movements and learning to counter them, as a matter of survival.


On January 28, 2017, thousands of people gathered at various airports in the United States to protest President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13769

It is never wrong to stand up against hate. No matter how small your actions, any action against hate is a worthwhile action to take. Never give up the fight, never step back from the frontlines. The enemy is always waiting to pounce – as we saw in the USA in this last election, the slightest relaxing of the guard and they have shoved the Klan all the way into the White House.

In my personal life ‘outside of online’ I am able to meet and deal with many people who share the mindset Linden Labs expresses above. They provide that hopeful counter message to what I see in the news or encounter in travels and online from those outside this region.

A great comment I heard recently is that the USA is like an empty head with two ears that listen: on the coasts. Everything in-between is a dark incurious mess of ignorance and bigotry. Of course this misses things like what you see in maps like this one:

Each Dot On This Map Is A Place Where A Person Of Color Was Lynched

Each Dot On This Map Is A Place Where A Person Of Color Was Lynched

That Southern Coast is pretty bad. Southern culture as a whole is a toxic thing based on centuries of abuse by a people who have never had to face any justice or recognition of their actions.

The USA never had a Truth and Reconciliation moment, so it has never grappled with the current of hate broiling through it’s culture. We get taught about Southern culture as gentile, refined, graceful. We don’t get taught about lynchings, mass rape of slave women, brutalized families, Jim Crow, plantations, share cropping, beatings, killings, white terrorists like the Klan, and so many other things – evil things, that we must face head on, acknowledge, and work to stamp out, or they will keep coming back, and as we see – even make it into the White House. Trump is a northern Yankee, sure – but his worldview is a product of that legacy.

So when I see people stand up against hate, even in small announcements – every chip put into the armor of hate matters. And when I see it from a place I frequent, it matters even more. I can feel more comfort, less defensiveness, if I know someone has my back.

Of course it is worth noting that the tech industry didn’t have much to say about Trump until he started directly threatening their workforce. His immigrant bans and plans to attack H1B visas have people in tech very scared. Tech didn’t seem to have much to say when it was just racism and sexism. But now he’s woken them up. Whatever it takes though, to get the libertarian tech world to realize social justice matters.

America is supposed to be a place of inclusion and diversity, and in times like these, we need to fight to keep that. And we need to wake more segments of society up, not just the Tech sector. Everybody needs to realize fascism hurts us all; Trump must be stopped.

I’ve put the above image and 4 more from it’s series into SL, for anyone to copy:

The source says you can copy, print, give away – but not sell. Respect that. Click the image to go to it’s website, and the sign inworld will also take you there. Also put it up free (as required) on SL Marketplace.

There’s also now a flickr group for ‘Avatars Against Trump’ for those of us in virtual worlds to comment through:

Helping the Needy

Covered here:

I will leave you something to consider from one of the USA’s political prisoners, released not long before the US put him away:

Take a look at me, tell me what do you see
You don’t have to love me, but I’m not your enemy
And I’m not amused, by your verbal abuse
You think you’re clever, what a sorry excuse
Playing with the minds of people, dangerous games they play
Man if you are not careful they lead you a stray
Protect your soul by any means necessary
Take nothing for granted, you may be sorry, oh
One life you’ve got to live
Come on let’s us live it right
If you’re in bed with the devil
Then you ‘ave made your choice, because

We’ve been battered and bruised (battered and bruised)
We still nursing wounds (aah)
Battered and bruised, yah, still nursing wounds, well
Battered and bruised (battered and bruised)
Still nursing my wounds (aah)
Battered and bruised, yah, still nursing wounds, oh

We face all form of human segregation
Who are used to ask me where I am from
They brought us here in shackles and chain
And throughout the centuries, it’s nothing but pain, Lord

Disaster in Wisconsin – prelude to the end of the USA as a first world nation

Today’s blog is -NOT- about Second Life. This blog is usually a “Second Life” commentary and fan blog, but not today. If you got here from some source outside of Second Life, you can probably ignore the posts after this one. This one relates to real world recent political events, with an historical perspective on why I feel these events are a prelude to disaster.

People have no sense of history. So they doom themselves to repeat its worst excesses.

We’re rolling ourselves back to the Robber Barons of the 1890s. No… we’ve already done that.

Two facts that have shaken America to its core on an economic level;

  1. The ruling that corporations can spend in unlimited amounts on elections. In the USA, a corporation is considered a human being. Well, not really; it has more rights than a human being. Human beings can only spend in limited amounts. Human beings can be imprisoned. Human beings can be put to death. Corps are immune to all of these sanctions. Human beings have free speech. Corps have extra free speech. Corps are allowed to speak for others – using their money against their will to spend on behalf of the corps owners. Corps can blacklist human beings that work for them and have dissenting opinions…
  2. Unions used to have these same powers. That gave people the ability to organize and gain an ability to speak back. Unions have been getting rapidly stripped of said powers. Wisconsin is now leading the charge in stripping unions down into nothing – in an effort to remove the voice of the middle and working classes.

We are back to union busting. Every American who has graduated high school should know this story… Of the days when Pinkerton guards were sent out in death squads to kill unionists. Wait… that’s what’s going on today among farm workers. But they’re migrants so no one cares…

We need to remember the late 19th century here. Well, we need to remember the entire Industrial Revolution, right up until the end of WWII.

It was a time of mass exploitation. A time when the North moved past the South because paying people -less- than a living wage for more profitable than keeping slaves. Gains were made for some, but at great costs to others – a process that led right into the Great Depression. All because the ‘job creator’ class was let lose to exploit and steal from the rest of us. They don’t make jobs; they destroy opportunity. We need to remember that America was -NOT- a first world power in those days. It was a wannabe nation, the lesser to its betters in Europe, Japan, and Ethiopia.

It was only when Europe tore itself apart over these same concerns that America had its chance. With exploitation in Europe reaching to the same levels as the US, revolutions and wars ripped the continent apart. America’s robber barons only got involved in these messes when they had to. In both of the great wars of that age; we had to be pushed into action.

America’s rise to greatness came out of World War II’s end, but our middle class, and the stability we got from them; came as a direct result of empowering unions and the GI Bill so that the working class; the exploited classes, could rise up rather than revolt. Unions saved us from following Russia’s path of revolution. Look back to that era, and radical movements of communists were very active. The elites, Babylon; feared unions – and tried very hard to bust them on a claim that they were somehow communist.

But what is a union? Its an exercise of people coming together to say that a person should be fairly paid for their work, have proper representation in the machine of their labor, and be well off enough to be able to participate as consumers in the marketplace.

Unions are the most Capitalist thing you can think of.

A tool to convert workers from ‘workers’ into market actors by… giving them the power to make money off of their labor. This is why in every communist revolution, the first thing they do is seize control over these organizations and make them arms of the state – left alone, Unions will subvert, devour, and destroy Communist systems by creating individual wealth among the workers.

They do that simply because empowering common people destroys -ANY- tool of power and exploitation.

Including Babylon’s; the Robber Barons, Bankers, the 1%ers.

We need to recall how after WWII, when unions became as common as Wonder Bread and Saturday morning cartoons – incomes rose. Common working class people once content to live in barios and work in harsh factories gained the power to own homes, buy goods, get educated, and move -UP-.

And that led to the rise of America as a power to be taken seriously. The so-called American century.

Destroy the unions, and you break the back of the “common man”.

The ripping apart of Unions by such forces of Babylon as Governor Walker is directly aimed at removing the voice of the masses. Follow the trendline. Empowering corporate speech – unlimited funding into political sources, because these demonic things with no corporeal body are somehow ‘people’… coupled with removing the rights of people to organize on their own, because their barely living wage is somehow too high… well those organization the people make… they are made to give them political voice. Voice that will fall silent.

That’s a path right into darkness. Back to an age when the people exist for no purpose other than to be exploited by the wealthy. Its a fool’s journey, even for those 1%. They too quickly forget how well they have benefited from empowering their ‘peasants’. Our wealth, our labor, our inventiveness; has been trickling -UP- to them for half a century to give them amazing benefits. But they are greedy, shallow, empty creatures. Like the scorpion crossing the river on the frog’s back; they are willing to kill everything for just another $1 of greed.

And the fools in Wisconsin have fallen for it… empowered them further by keeping this hydra of Babylon in place. Given a chance to remove the monster, they have instead chosen to fall over and destroy their futures for him. Sooner or later though, people are going to find themselves in utter desperation again.

I come out of the ghetto; I know what happens when people have nowhere to turn, no chances, and sense no future. They get violent… destructive… ruinous…

We should know this. We only have to look at how high crime rates used to be in harder times…

Is this the way they want us to live?

Yes… it is…

Go back to your Robber Baron era again… they used to even speak openly about this. Creating violent ghettos kept the people distracted from paying attention to the real problems. The only problem was a fear of those masses having enough free time to start talking to each other. Opposition to unions began there. As did opposition to shorter work days, birth control, and easy education. If the peasants got too smart, if they could control their families, if they had free time… they’d surely revolt rather than live in such conditions.
– And today we see pushes to ramp up production and hours, remove family planning, strip education, and kill organizing…

But you know… everything has a breaking point.

The last time we went down this path, while half the world went into revolution, the USA had a change of heart and stopped busting unions, and managed to keep things cool. But everywhere else…


Do we really want to go there?

I hope not, but I can’t help thinking of that everytime I think of those occupy folks… Sooner or later, its going to get rough:

(watch the footage and the 2nd interview that cuts in at 2:00, moreso than the song.)

In times like this, we could really use some leaders, some inspiration; to stop these folks.

Rastafari is very much an answer for many, on a personal level; to this exploitation of politricks. Its a rejection of Babylon’s game through spirituality and biblical wisdom; after all Jesus came from the suferah class, and was very much opposed to the exploitation of common people by the wealthy. But its a hard path, to get Babylon to see sense.

The alternative is a nation wracked by internal strife as the 1% isolate themselves into walled off camps and force the rest of us to struggle in ghettos and prey upon each other. If you think that’s fanciful, you have only to look at what the elites in Jamaica – the former slave holding plantation class – did there after the British crown left, and to the situation in much of central America. That’s where Walker and the Tea Party types will take us.

So, a final comment:

Do no evil.

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